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Morning Whales


From lumbering slumber
we come up for air
crashing through
waves of blue blankets

From a warm weightless drift
comes a cold wakeful spray
Sleep sogged and dream logged
we dive into day


this rhythm feels perfect as it rolls off the tongue. greattttt, colleen! such a nice wordplay of transition in body, time, and temperature.

Very good; only I'm not diving - more like dipping my toes in.

A really wonderful comparison. I can feel it and it certainly fit my mood this morning...although my waves were red.

So true, Kenju. But sometimes I rip off the covers like I rip off a bandaid and leap out of bed to get it over with.

Sky, part of the collage is from a photo taken near you. The two people are walking on the coast of Oregon. Far to the right is a giant sea stack rock. The puddle reflection was taking in Virginia Beach.

Tabor, now I have a picture of you as a whale breaking through red wave of covers. Hey, I wonder if the poem every would have come about if my comforter was anything but royal blue. This poem is a re-write from an older version, more than 10 years old.

Your collage is fascinating. I can lose myself in it. Your poem is so thoughtful.

WW - Toil and Trouble

Oh, waking up! Yeah. Beautiful.

Great imagery !!

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