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13 Thursday: Just My Type

13type.jpg1. Strangest thing said at the Mardi Gras Ball by Colleen to Mara, who was dressed in a suit for her Mardi Gras King election campaign: "Neckties are so phallic."

2. In the morning I like to make a second cup of tea but usually forget I poured it and end up not drinking it. Joe calls it my Placebo Effect second cup.

3. As a tea lover who likes to go to tea parties, the right-leaning Tea Party movement of angry citizens who recently hosted Sarah Palin to speak for $500 a seat is ruining the whole tea party appeal for me.

4. Republicans are against health care because they are fundamentally against any and all forms of assistance? If they could take away Social Security and Medicare, in all likelihood, they would. How is it possible that these Tea Party Brown Shirts do not understand that in supporting the Republicans, they are in fact supporting their own demise? ~ Author Caroline Myss from The Republican Strategy: Covert Destruction at all Costs HERE.

5. I don't have good energy reserves. After a busy weekend, I was exhausted to the point of tears on Monday, so Joe and I never made it Laughter Yoga class, but we walked to the mailbox laughing loudly the whole way.

6. My blog friend Deana recently wrote on her Facebook wall that when she throws corn to her chickens on nice mornings, she thinks about Cinderella throwing feed from her dress (even though she has no talking mice doing her laundry and fixing her hair). I answered: When I wake up in the morning I always think about a Neanderthal waking up from cryonic suspension.

7. But sometimes I rip off the covers like pulling a band-aid off a cut and leap out of bed like THIS just to get it over with.

8. No snow in Vancouver and too much here. To those who assume that global warming is a hoax because of the severe winter weather around the country, Steven Colbert said that's like looking outside at night, seeing the darkness and concluding that "the sun has been destroyed." An excellent Washington Post piece on that topic is HERE.

9. A writer without a computer is like a boat without a motor. Thank God for pencils and oars.

10. My favorite song to sing to Bryce is "Row Row Row Your Boat." After singing "gently down the stream" I like to end it with ... "Bryce is but a dream!"

11. Does anyone have any tech speculation as to why I can't upload videos to youtube on my PC but can on my laptop and why Microsoft word PC is chewing up letters as I type?

12. Best line found this week via THIS very entertaining video poem posted on Facebook: "It's not enough these days to simply question authority. You got to speak with it too." ~ Taylor Mali.

13. I think handwritten letters are sexy in a way that emails will never be.

Let your fingers do the walking HERE.


I'm almost glad tea parties were never my thing.

Love numbers 9, 12 and 13, and so glad I've never had a taste for tea!

to #11 - the "chewing up letters as i type thing" has happened to me while using my email client, and i held down shift and control or alt and control (sorry can't remember which, but play with it and see which works) and typed once. it stopped. hubby told me the fix, and it worked. that manuever undid whatever key i had pressed in error which started the ball rolling! he is sleeping now or i would ask. something similar happened in the past when i was typing - it seems i had inadvertently hit the delete key without knowing. i pressed the delete key, and it stopped. try both fixes and see what happens. good luck.

sorry have no idea about the uploading to you tube unless it has something to do with the settings regarding the security of the site on your PC. check out your security settings. this is just a WILD GUESS on my part. remind me and i will ask hubby for his suggestions if you don't resolve it (he is a microsoft manager and is usually very successful in resolution.) my comments are moderated, so just leave me a comment which i won't publish and include your email address and i will be happy to try to help.

about the tea parties - it has ruined it for all of us who don't agree with the insanity.

Ha! The writer needing her computer speaks to me. I'd be lost without mine. Happy TT!

:) Loved it...

Thanks for stopping by my TT and yes of course FF is Friday Fillins another meme which I play :)


Re: computer issues, it does sound like a security thing.
Try this: in your Internet Explorer, go to tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Sites, and then scroll down your "managed websites" and see if youtube has been blocked. If it has, remove it from the list.

Not sure about the other issue with Word.

I don't think that I will ever go to a tea party again.

Okay. Funny, that uploaded to youtube worked fine before. I do think my hands slip too easily while typing, like Sky suggested, and that I inadvertently start the option for chewing previous words as I type. When it happens I reboot and that takes care of it (the slow route).

I'm so tired of the way the health care thing is getting messed with.
Enjoy your Thursday!

I agree with you about the hand written letters, and I try not to let the tea party thing ruin tea for me.

I love handwritten notes. My girls are forever leaving me little notes throughout the house.
Great list. Happy T13!

I love things that are handwritten.

T13 - "A"

#6 makes me want to go get some chickens just so I can have that Cinderella feeling!

#13 I completely agree!

Happy Thursday!

I love handwritten notes so much I am going to write some today to friends. Thanks for the reminder!

I can totally relate to your #3 :(

It is the insert key that is the culprit, Colleen. And yes, ties ARE phallic. And a sonnet is like wearing a tie.

I like #13 xo

#10 and #13 ah yes my girl !!! sandy

Gotta love Steve Colbert.

No computer might aid my writing for sure. More sailing, less puttering. I've had 2 weeks off of my routine of a morning of pencil only. For the worst I fear. All one can do is try and see.

Yes, short energies. It'd be maddening if getting mad didn't leech away energies faster. Seems unsolvable sometimes. Laughing is a good use tho.

>And yes, ties ARE phallic. And a sonnet is like wearing a tie.

Interesting Mara. I'd agree on the first. I'm a funny looking beasty since i just write 16 of them. Sort of like rotating forward phallic shark teeth?

Stephen Colbert rocks my world. And your number 13 - is G-spot on in my opinion. ;-)

Ties are phallic, I thought that was a given. @Pearl "I'm a funny looking beasty since i just write 16 of them. Sort of like rotating forward phallic shark teeth?" Huh?

Ah...surrealism in the blogging world! Well, sharks are phallic...and ties...and sonnets with 16 lines? My best guess. ;)

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