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Romantic Tarot

The Yin Yang of Cups
The Two of Love
Winter Gets a Divorce

Note: Comments may be shut down on Sunday as Loose Leaf is being moved to Wordpress. I'll be back posting on Monday with a new look that even I will be surprised to see.


2. awww. :)

The cups are made by Josh, of course. That's me and Joe, of course. And the last one is the tulips Joe gave me for Valentine's Day. Rather then take up space in the trash, I threw them on the side of the house after they died and saw it right away as a photo captioned Winter's Divorce. So many of us feel like filing those papers right about now.

I will be quite glad when the snows are gone and the winds have calmed and spring does its springing. It has been a difficult winter. Like the shot of the lovebirds shadow.

this was a treat! the shadows are fabulous!

I really like the cups and the whole thing actually. xo

Great visages- my camera is broken whine whine whine

I love the pics and congrats on the move to Wordpress....I can't wait to see your new look! =)

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