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Say Uncle

Uncle Josh that is, and Bryce said it more than once when his uncle was in town last week and went with me to baby-sit.
After 2 ½ hours of ball tossing, motorcycle riding, raisin eating, circle drawing ...
guinea pig holding, wrestling, tickling, book reading and more, Bryce wore himself out enough for a nap.
He wasn't the only one.

Video clips: Hallway Speedway HERE.What Happened to Your Circle? HERE and Go Dog Go is HERE.


This is so familiar to my life some days. You and I do live in parallel worlds.

Awww that's just adorable especially the last photo

AW, they look so cute together!

They are handsome and adorable.

He brings me right back to when Josh and his brother (Bryce's daddy) Dylan were little.

I love these videos and I can't get over how much Josh has matured he looks great. xox

We got some more great videos today! Classics. Joe came down with me.

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