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Winter: Country Style

The snowed-in took advantage of Sunday's sun to get outside for a walk in the neighborhood. This group broke the cabin fever with tea and cookies and good conversation inside the warmth of our house before heading back up the homegrown plowed hill to their farm.
The creeks were full and rushing.
Old mailboxes were full of winter's special delivery.
A snow covered mill looked picturesque at sunset.
Horses enjoyed a supper of hay.


love that first shot! And the mailboxes :-) How much snow did y'all end up with?

Beautiful snow. You have some different views too, like the mill and the fuzzy horseys. We're going to get another load on Wednesday, I here.


Two days of back to back snow fall, probably got near to 2 feet with more to come.

Love these photos but I am so sick of snow.

so many memories all beautiful sandy

the creek looks like its bulging with water.

2 feet of now. there might be an inch here in a pinch. streets have been clear for weeks. crazy climate changes!

I also love the photos, very peaceful and beautiful, But i'll be glad to see spring, or even see the ground.

Great Photos!! Are you feeling better? xox

Much better! Having company and getting out yesterday was like medicine and today I went to a laughing yoga class and it cracked me up! You know the saying: Laughter is the best medicine.

Thanks for sharing your snowy world with us ... Hope you're staying safe and warm!
Hugs and blessings,

You have plowed roads? We just got ours plowed yesterday...both my neighborhood in the country and daughter's in the city. I repeat, you have plowed road??

The main roads were plowed but the big VDOT plows didn't come out to our back roads until yesterday (Monday) and the storm happened Friday/Saturday. The road we were hiking up on Sunday was "homegrown" plowed by a farmer on a tractor plow. Our driveway was plowed by our mechanic neighbor. People really help each other out around here.

Unbelievable, but gorgeous ... nice shot of the Roberson Mill ....

Oh, these are such WONDERFUL Pictures, Colleen....Such a feeling of the snow and cold and also the breat beauty of both.....!
LOVE those horses having supper, and the Mail Boxes---they look like they have been through a lot!!! All the pictures are wonderful, my dear.

Dear Colleen,

I respect your love of snow, and I can even admit that its capacity to reflect light in white is breath taking. However, this series of photos makes me so glad that I left the mountains for the sea!! Stay warm up there!!!

Your pictures are lovely, Colleen. But I must admit that I'm so relieved we didn't get snow like this in the NC mountains---at least that time. Tonight, of all things, there's a BLIZZARD warning here! But I think we'll get more wind than snow.

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