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Cream Pours Like Snow Falls

Haiku with high tea
Best to sip slowly
Don't brew the oolong
too long

Note: Click and scroll HERE for more teapoet poems.


While your poem is lovely and warm, that tea will leave you cold.


Must have brewed too long.

You couldn't resist, could you? too long oolong - Beth will love you!

I LOVE This Colleen! Great Picture and a Great Poem, too...!

I can't help but think of our forts when we were younger. xoxo

Your cups overflow with snow!

You are so clever Miss Punster..sandy

I still love the idea of outside forts. My last time in town, I stopped and took some pictures of a boy digging a big hole in the snow that he said was a fort for the paper. A part of me wanted to play with him!

After posting this I realized I had posted the picture before. But the poem is new to the blog, from my TEAPOET chapbook. http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2008/11/coming_soon_to_a_teaspoon_near.html

>Don't brew the oolong
too long


Hee,hee...Jeff was right----I LOVE the oolong/too long rhyme! I think you delight in word play almost as much as I do. :-)

At least as much, or more, Beth. We are "blown away" right now with wind gusts. Had to close down the doggie door brrrr.

love this. your rhyming brought a smile, and the photo is perfect even if it appeared before!

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