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It Could Be Worse

Snowed-in and sick, but it could be worse.

We got Nora Jones on the stereo, dry wood for the stove, and a pot full of hot miso soup.

We got tissues and cough drops, a down comforter spread. We got PBS and a library movie to watch.

Our neighbor plows the driveway for the third time this winter. We thank him with venison burger.

We got merino wool long johns and fur lined moccasins. We got back rubs and hot baths to soak in.

The bird bath angel in the yard is decked in a full length gown of snow and the wrought iron lawn chairs are up to their seats with it.

I'm waiting by the window for the pileated woodpecker to return, so I can crank a window open and snap a zoomed in photo.

Snowed-in and sick, but it could be worse. So far we haven't lost power.

Note: Should I call baby Bryce to shovel our cars out? HERE he is shoveling out his own.


I hope you feel better. There's lots of snow going around.

A Boy and His Toy

Feel better, friend.

Clearly, the mid-Atlantic is the new North.

omg, bryce is the cutest thing on the entire east coast! "bucketttt!"

can't wait to hear more about this snow. nieces just east of pittsburg are covered heavily and busy making snow angels and snowmen. being originally from south georgia they have never seen so much snow! we have not had one single snowflake all winter here - rare for us and my first winter without snow in all the years i can remember! our trees are budding, the heather is in bloom, crocuses are up and open, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips are showing leaves, hydrangeas are all leafed out, and roses are budding. 2 hours north vancover is lugging in snow from higher elevations to cover a brown cyprus mountain where some of the ski and boarding events are scheduled. 60 degrees here the past couple of days and 50s day time otherwise...same there. strange weather all around.

well, do forgive the spelling typos above, please! should have proofed it but too busy readying myself for thai hubby brought home. forgot to say i am sending get well wishes your way. stay warm and cozy and enjoy the soup. now off to eat my spicy thai! (hot peppers will be good for you if you are congested.)

It's as if the world is tipping upside down, warmish places are colder and colder places are warmer. Very unpredictable.

Colleen, I hope you feel better soon!

I've been shoveling for two days and now tomorrow will head back home and shovel MY house. I almost envy your situation...almost.

Bryce looks like he's pretty good with a snow shovel! He's talking so well now---I love the way he says "yucky." Yep, the snow is yucky...:-)

So sorry you're feeling yucky---hope you are soon on the mend.

I was going to ask if you guys lost power. We didn't really hear anything about Floyd just Patrick and Henry counties. Ours came back after we'd gone to bed Saturday night thank goodness. I know we still have some families without power. It is amazing how different life can be without electricity. It was a cozy night but my lungs are still congested from the cold and all the wood smoke....and it took me forever to get my house clean again! You'll hear people say they would love to live back in the old days but between the cold and women's rights NOT ME!

It only flickered off a couple of times but we never lost it and were SO GLAD not to have.

that sounds like a pretty sweet set up.

here's a blog of a wedding photographer who enjoyed the Floyd Fest...thought you would enjoy.

Sorry to hear you were sick.....hope this comment finds you much feeling much better. xo
PS Another great video of Byrce, Byrce, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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