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13: Sneeze as You Please

c3a.gif1. These days our knights on white horses are the local farmers on tractor plows coming to plow us out.

2. In light of the Supreme Court's recent vote not to limit corporate campaign spending, I think THESE new robes are well suited.

3. I recently became interested in the poetry of Haitian born poet Michele Voltaire Marcelin after seeing her read on the PBS Newshour. I was happily surprised to notice as she read that her poetry is un-punctuated like mine because models for un-punctuated poetry are hard to find these days.

4. I drive like I read and write poetry. I override blinker signals if what the car is actually doing is counter to them, like I stop for line breaks even if there is no period there.

5. Last week I posted a quote by the late J.D. Salinger - "I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy" - which started a comment conversation in which a reader introduced me to the word "pronoia."

6. Curious, I did a little research and discovered that the word was only recently coined and that there is a whole website devoted to it. The first modern use of the word pronoia I can trace occurred during the psychedelic 1960s and 1970s -. Grateful Dead lyricist and grizzled veteran of both Millbrook and Haight-Ashbury defined pronoia as: the suspicion the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf. ~ from http://www.pronoia.net/

7. I need to get out more: Between the bad weather and a bad cold, I've been spending too much time indoors. This was brought home when Joe returned from being out and said: I saw some kids sledding," and I answered by saying, "Tyra Banks did a show on women with two vaginas."

8. With all the snowstorms this year it's like the winter's been sick and keeps going into relapse.

9. I'm a loud sneezer. I learned it from my dad who not only sneezed loudly, he cursed as he did it. Instead of AH-CHOO, he said AH-SHIT.

10. "Life is split at the seams. No one knows the exact number of the dead. They were ours. They were yours and mine. Yet, we let them die. So, I will write a poem, and you will write a letter, and he will send some money, and she will say a prayer, but we will forget, as we have forgotten before. We closed our eyes, covered ourselves up, when this island without secrets, this island caught upside-down, spread open by the great storm, went belly-up, exposing memories and guts. Disaster on disaster, mud on mud. Life is split at the seams." ~ Michele Voltaire Marcelin (punctuated by Newshour transcribers.)

11. In last week's Thirteen Thursday I posted a lost and found notice about THIS missing purple wool beret. I also posted a notice about it on Facebook and in the Museletter (our community newsletter). On Monday I got a call from Sally at the Café del Sol saying my beret had been found.

12. "She's an empty vessel ready to be filled by ideology she doesn't understand." ~ Chris Matthews on Sarah Palin after she suggested that Obama could play 'war card' and declare war on Iran to win reelection. Listen HERE.

13. I think the word sneeze sounds like a Dr. Seuss character, especially after learning that a sneeze can expel irritants out of a nose for up to 100 miles per hour!

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bless you ;)

Wife Resume

JD Salinger's concept of paranoiac in reverse is like ultimate optimism :)

You mean, I don't have to punctuate my poetry? Oooooooo! Shiny!

Divine! Happy Thursday 13!

two vaginas. guess that's plausible. nice to have a backup system like that. one goes down and... ;)

Is it Brezney's link you tapped into first ?http://www.freewillastrology.com/beauty/pronoia.therapy.html

3's a bit suprising. maybe a US/Canada distinction? or maybe I read disproportional amount towards Avant Garde where there's no capitals or punctuation. Her transcript back to prose of #10 does make sense. It is meaning and sentences largely. the rhythm is still there. Did there seem to be pauses that didn't map to syntax?

9, slip that right in there. did he play it up as getting away with a curse? or do you?

I watched her reading from her book so I could see the unpunctuated arrangement. The Newshour punctuated it in the transcripts for easy readablitiy, I guesss.

My dad would just slip out the curse, not sure if he was trying to be funny or just sneezed like that but once it was pointed out he didn't try to stop it.

I think there are enough expamples of complete unpunctuated poetry in all lower case letters but less of it, like mine, that uses caps to begin a new line/poetic sentence.

#7 is wonderful. You can learn so many interesting things from daytime TV.

A New Old Fairy Tale

I always enjoy your '13' and now I'm off to check out the 'pronioa' link because I'm intrigued by the Salinger quote. Hope you're staying WARM in all that snow.
Hugs and blessings,

I think this winter, he is feeling good and coming out more. It is not a relapse.
Oh yea I love #2! xo

me, too to #7 and my Dad sneezed wicked loudly, too...no swears tho! Glad you found your beret!

I think the SCOTUS decision was great--maybe will decrease the role of lobbyists and get power back to the people. #10 is powerful! Blogged about Haiti today. My TT is up http://collectingmythoughts.blogspot.com/2010/02/thursday-thirteen-normas-laundry-tips.html

As always, Colleen, a fascinating funny and touching Thursday Thirteen....!

#12 - dear, god. at the risk of being insensitive here, i wonder sometimes how people can be in such denial as they flock toward her, or are they as stupid as she is?

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