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Scenes from the Carolina Kiln Build

This is the Carolina Kiln Build team twelve days into the build, taken five days ago. It consists of ten potters from all over the country and two facilitators (Josh Copus, center, and Eric Knoche, far left), living and working together in a three week intensive workshop, building two woodfire kilns on my son Josh Copus's property in Madison County, North Carolina.
Coffee is good.
Worker bees around the honey hive?
The best laid plans.
It takes many hands.
Lunch in dining hall at Josh’s Airstream Compound.
This is the part where Joe and I give away the plot to the new movie District 9 and a lot of hands went up when Joe asked who was going to go home and build their own kiln after the 3 week workshop.
Katy and Steve, potters from Austin, Texas, laying brick.

Post notes: See the two kilns, the Burrow and the Land Shark, up close with an explanation by Josh about each kiln HERE and HERE. Click and scroll HERE for more Asheville Potter pictures and stories.


Great project and nice to see so many people with a dedicated interest. More pots for us all!

and the work lives on makes me feel so good inside.

I've loved following this tale. There is simply no community that walks the walk and lives the spirit of 'love thy neighbor' quite like the arts community, is there?

Its good to see the work that has happened, but it would be great to see the works this Kiln produces as well!!!

Here from NetChick on a lovely Australian Saturday afternoon...

Such an exciting, shared purpose. And they all look so right together.

What an excellent project! I'm sure there will be some wonderful pieces to come out of this kiln.

Did you enjoy "District 9"? We're on fence about seeing it - are you a sci-fi/apocalyptic genre-fan, Colleen?


I saw it on the merit of the trailer that my brother Bob sent me and because I do like a good science fiction in the tradition of Minority Report and the like.

When Joe and I left the theater I said, "I could have done without that but I'm glad we saw it," which gives an idea of the mixed response. I was surprised that it was a black comedy! I think it could become a cult classic in the genre of the Blob.

Scroll down to the previous post for a link to the District 9 trailer.

wow - that is so great! much happiness to you and your fine son

It looks like such a good time with Josh and his company. xoxo

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