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13 Thursday Free Verse

13linez.jpg1. This is the time of year that I’m up to my nostrils in pesto making.

2. After the transition to HD caused a more than few TV channels to disappear and a new one to appear, I’ve started watching Sex in City reruns for the first time and have found myself wishing they’d do a reunion show with the main characters all over the age of 50. Oh wait, that’s been done. It’s called The Golden Girls.

3. Corn is considered a grain rather than a vegetable. The female flower is the silk.

4. I recently interviewed someone for a story who has developed an artistic line of merchandise and who uttered the word “tershit” three times before I caught on that he was saying “tourist shit.” (Too bad I had to edit it out.)

5. As a Massachusetts Irish American who has voted Democrat all my adult life because they represent my views on women’s rights, civil rights, labor rights and the environment better than their counterpart, I’m sad about the death of Ted Kennedy, the last of a line, a champion and icon. I see no one quite like him on the horizon. A moving video clip of Kennedy’s recent impassioned thoughts on universal health care is HERE.

6. Watch Steven Colbert call for “End of the World Sex” while talking to environmental author and founder of 350.org Bill Mckibben HERE.

7. Colbert then suggests that people all over the world set their ovens to 350 to beat global warming at its own game. Find out why 350 is the most important number in the world HERE.

8. Upon borrowing the book of poetry pictured above from one of the Carolina Kiln Build potters while in Asheville, I realized that pottery and poetry is the same word with some letters moved around.

9. My son Josh’s cat’s name is Jean Claude Chairman Meow.

10. Working at the computer overtime makes my mouse arm feels like the alien prawn arm the guy in the science fiction black comedy movie District 9 started to grow.

11. the poet Robert Frost thought that writing free verse was like "playing tennis without a net".

12. My own call to free verse is called “Free Leonard Peltier and the Japanese Tanka” and goes like this: Don’t squeeze syllables into lines they’re not made for … Don’t pin a turned phrase under glass … Even a small unpredictable poem can kick down a locked door … can climb over the top of the page.

13. Remind me to NEVER get a pair of jeans like THIS!

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really @ number 3 :)

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13 goodness about me.


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pesto pesto do your very besto -- Actually I'm reinventing a sophia Loren Song

Fun list and you gotta love that cat's name!

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That Winkers is weird. At least you know why people are always staring at you butt!

Nice entry for T13....happy week ahead. Mine is up.

I had to laugh at #2 LOL! #13 ... *shudder*

And RIP Senator...you will be missed.

Sex in the City is great entertainment. I loved the movie they did last year as well. Looking forward to the next one.
Wishing you a scent-sational T13!

Great and entertaining T13. Winkers? Seriously?

As always, a very RICH Thursday 13....I am very sad about Ted Kennedy..(I wrote a little tribute to him on my blog...) It feels like the end of something bigger even than his death--which is pretty big, in amd of itself!
I saw some incredibly impassioned speeches he made in Congress about the 'right' not getting on board....He was BRILLIANT and it was so Heartfelt---AND, everything he said was right on rarget. Who will do this now?
I feel for that family, too...So many losses and now, Teddy.

I always het it when they change frequency and you loose a HD chanel...

Netchick sent me here, I might be back over the weekend!

Did you see District 9? That's the movie Ron took me to on our first date! Luv u

Yes, I saw it. I left thinking I could have done without that but I'm glad I saw it. I was surprised that it was a black comedy (like the Little Shop of Horrors). I saw it based on the trailer clip Bobby sent me, which I linked to on the 13.

I saw the funeral and Eulogy today. It sure was sad and brought up a lot of things from the generation and era we are leaving.
I hope the new generation will have someone as feeling as the Kennedy's were. xo

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