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I Fell for It

And Sinker

Post note: First beach walk upon arriving at my mother's house on Nantasket Beach in Hull (MA) where I'm helping out while she recovers from shingles.


I'm glad you were able to get there, finally. Hope your mom isn't in too much pain. I know how awful shingles can be.

I've never seen a beach with snow on it before. Thanks for showing me what it looks like!

Thomas :)

(Here via NetChick.)

I know. Snow looks out of place on a beach, or like the white sand of Siesta Key. http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2009/01/spell_of_siesta.html

love it! I've never seen snow at the beach either...awesome!

Cute. Tell your mom that all the bloggers are wishing her well.

I'm so sorry to hear your mom has shingles...seems to me I'm hearing about people getting it so much more than years past. I wonder if it's actually happening more or if I'm just older and it affects older people more. I just got a shingles vaccine...good thing too since the skin cancer ointment I was taking really activated herpes virus in my mouth. If I hadn't had the shot, I wonder if it would have activated shingles!

It does effect older people more and sometimes leaves lingering nerve problems. It is precipitated by stress or a weakened immune system, and yes (like the dormant chicken pox it comes from) is a type of herpes virus. I also have known a lot of people who have had it and am hearing about more now since my mom got it. I'm not big on vaccines but a shingles one is one I would consider.

My mother has been extremely weakened by it but the worst is behind her now.

just like i fell for you

selu retreat is delightful
the weather is 70 and sunny
the young adults are catching
more than a piece of the
peace within

luv to all the redman clan

I am glad you are here too!! It helps all of us out so much! xo

I do believe that the warmth from Virginia is on its way to you....
How quick will that snow melt?

yikes i remember when i had shingles and i was much younger. i could not stand anything to touch my back where the blisters were and wore an open in the back hospital gown to work every day! so glad we were a "one office" building of women!

you are so lucky to be able to help your mother out and spend time with her. my mother just died, and i am missing her so much i can't even describe it.

I hope your mother is better. I have heard they can be painful. I like the whole series of pictures, but my favorite is "the line" picture with the fence and shadows. Very nice.

How could you help it? Great, great shots!

I'm helping out with cooking and cleaning. My mom is elderly and this has wiped her out.

I'm so so sorry about your mom, Sky. xo

Oh, Shingles is nasty. We've had minor bouts with them in the past, but I do have a Godmother who still has the scars on her face (right beside her eye). It's no fun! I hope your mother is doing better and she won't have any residual effects.

Love your photos.


That's a whole lot of snow you have there!
Shingles is no fun. Hope your Mom is feeling better.

Best wishes to her. Very painful Sandy

Shingles would make you want to slip out of the earthly coils and hover as astral projection for a while.

Love the creative links you made from the phrases. the fence shadow photo is fab. your photographic eye is getting keener before our very eyes.

have you seen the St. Patrick's day buttons at http://buttons.cafepress.com/irish-pride?page=6

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