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The Spell of Siesta

I found my poetry on Siesta Key, on the pastel petite shell shore where the tourmaline gulf water turns confectionary white sand to mocha gray.
The gulls are greedy. The scent of salty breeze is of kelp. Sifting through the finely ground out-of-this-world white powder, I look but cannot find the slightest pebble. Occasionally I come across the bump of a tiny buried shell.
Divided by silence and loud roaring surf, miles of flat beach and sea melt into each other. Sunsets on the oceanside feels like the other side of the world. The shore is a clean slate, a place to walk, think no thoughts, lose your identity, or meet the real you.
At night residents and tourists come out to watch the sunset. Dressed in coats to protect them from the wind and the recent cold snap, they gather on the white sand that looks like snow on tundra or like frozen canals in Holland.
The evening light cast a lavender glow. If I didn't know better I'd be convinced that the world is flat, that the sun, a soft boiled humpty dumpty, has fallen off the horizon’s edge.


Beautiful, Colleen. I wish it was warmer for you there.

On this day (yesterday) it was warm during the day. I had a bathing suit on and few people were even swimming.

The fourth picture of you looks like snow and not sand. xo
PS When are you coming home?
PSS I think we are in for a good year, now that Obama has been inaugurated.

That's what I said, it looked just like snow in the evening when people had their coats on.

We will likely be home by Friday. I watched the inauguration today and loved every minute of it!

That's a gorgeous poem. I can hear the gentle surf in our words.


Perfectly described. Did you see the poet speaking at Obama's inauguration? Her voice and cadence reminded me so much of Mara!

Wish I was there...I would say wish you were here, but I know you are having way to much fun in the sun.

Colleen I really like that photo of you. You look so peaceful AND healthy. You look like you should be in a commercial for happiness.

wow, sounds restive. I agree with Deana.

I've done that Sunset thing at Key West. You never forget it.

Wish I was there!

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