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13: I Can’t Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing

wrote13.jpg1. I woke up early for the drive to Roanoke to baby-sit Bryce. Standing at the sink, filling the tea kettle with water, I thought my neighbor’s barn was on fire. I’m not used to seeing the sunrise.

2. Later in the week Joe went down to baby-sit. While he was there Bryce got a hold of Joe’s cell phone, pressed the right buttons and called me up! Twice!

3. I hate starting a new notebook. It’s like moving into a new house with everything I need packed away in boxes.

4. Ben and Jerry launched a new ice cream flavor for Obama’a inauguration called YES PECAN!

5. It’s been said (but I can’t verify the truth of it) that the also asked the public for ideas for flavors for the Bush Presidency. Some of my favorites are Nut’n Accomplished, Impeach Cobbler, Abu Grape, The Housing Crunch, Chunky Monkey in Chief, WMDelicious, Bloody Sundae, and Chocolate Chip On My Shoulder.

6. Yesterday I interviewed a dairy creamery owner that home delivers milk butter and ice cream. Some of their more intriguing ice cream flavors were Birthday Cake, Espresso, and Moo Tracks. I guess I was influenced by Obama’s ice cream. I got the Butter Pecan.

7. Have you heard about the new Pomegranate cell phone that can make a cup of coffee? Shop HERE.

8. I wonder if anyone has ever named a baby from a blogger word verification name. Some ideas seen recently are: Rombonan, Havari, Flundie, Korrae, Tostra, Sessula, Meralan, or Glasmabi.

9. The Pomegranate also doubles as a shaver, has a built in harmonica, can project a power point screen, and translates languages. See HERE

10. My blogger friend Patry and I are related through marriage. We had been visiting each other’s blog for a couple of years before we discovered that her niece's son is my sons' (half) brother.

11. I was excited to see that Patry recently posted a new blog after a five month absence, with her last post being titled “The Horrible and the Miserable.” She wrote, “After five months of looking at that dispiriting title, I figured it was about time to change the subject. I could talk about something else. Anything else. Sardines, for instance.” Patry, author of Liar’s Diary, has been battling a serious illness. Her new post is titled “Gratitude … Sardines … AND a health update.”

12. I’m always turned off by TV drug ads that show people on the drug living happy lives while the ad is quickly listing the drug’s side effects, some of which are death. The Gardasil ad for young girls is particularly catchy, but it’s recently been reported that a disproportionate number of girls have become ill from the vaccine and some have even died. Watch a CBS News clip on it HERE, and pass it on.

13. Something else that the advertisers aren’t telling you: The Pomegranate cell phone is REALLY an ad campaign for Nova Scotia.

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Good title. Good to know Patry's back. And Ben and Jerry's takes me to a happy spot. When we were driving down a wrong turn in Vermont it turned into a right turn when we saw the ice cream factory and decided to make it happenstance a happystance.

Watching the drug ads, I have learned that drugs kill. For all the aggravation and the time it takes to get an appointment and see a doctor, I am willing to cut my losses and enjoy the time.

Sunrises are back!

Now that's a whole lot of info in one post lol My poor brain. Very kewl about hooking up with Patry. It's a small world. Happy Valentine Day.

I actually did laugh out loud at the idea of #8. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

After living here for almost 8 years, I still am taken aback by TV commercials for prescription drugs. "Ask your doctor of Whizzo is right for you." I wonder how many doctors are sick and tired of patients suggesting which medicines they should have. And those high speed voice-overs "Whizzo is not for everyone, Side effects can include fainting, vomiting, dehydration, chest pains, sudden agonising death." would almost be comic if they weren't so serious.

A local creamery that makes ice cream? I gotta know how to get there!

All that talk about ice cream is making me crave for one! Off to get one now! =D

It's Homestead Creamery in Burnt Chimney (in between Rocky Mount and Smith Mt. Lake). I' working on a story for Natural Awakenings for April. Sweet Providence in Floyd carries it.

That is a whole lot of info..lol. Happy TT:)

About #12? Amen! And some of the side effects involve things children should NOT be hearing so WHY are they airing the ads during family shows and sporting events?

Enjoyed your 13!

I love butter pecan. It's one of my favorites.

Hahaha ! a very nice TT to read early morning ! Puts me in a good mood for the whole day ! It's good that it's not icecream season I would have difficulties to choose amongst all Bush icecreams !

more fun.

yes, so glad to see patry back!

another advantage to rural living....dairy delivery. i have not seen that since i was a child in a mid size Georgia city.

I would love to try Birthday Cake flavor ice cream!

I agree, too much information...but I love it anyway.

I'm more of a sunset girl, too. Sunrises are nearly foreign to me. It's funny you thought the barn was on fire. :)

And the Bush B&J flavors. Hilarious!

Boy, you told us a lot. Happy TT and good luck with that Pomegranate phone/coffee maker. That's intriguing.

I am in shock of the pomegranate phone! It's a little too futuristic for me.

Prescription drug ads drive me batty. I should probably take a drug for that! Mostly they scare me. Why would you want to put something like that in your body?

Girlfriend your T13 always surprise and delight me. That Bryce is such a smarty...he knows who to call. I'm the same way with my notebook...Mr. Wonderful calls it my portable brain. Loved the ice cream flavors. I had to laugh at your first comment...it should come with a warning label I was drinking hot coffee at the time. Hope you have a good valentine's day and are adored by those that know you best.

Hi... I really enjoyed your list.

I've always loved butter pecan...and I can't wait to taste this new flavor!

Butter Pecan is MY favorite ice cream!!!

Oh, please don't get me started on those d*** commercials for prescription drugs...it's no wonder we have a bunch of hypocondriacs running around...

I'd connected with Patry when I did a blog about her novel, The Liar's Diary, last year when she was ill and couldn't promote it. Such a nice person and I"ll have to pop over and read her latest blog entry.
AHHH........That Gardasil! I had been against that from Day One! Just not enough research on it to be giving it to our young girls. I've gotten into many arguments concerning this drug, but as an RN I stood my ground and now it seems perhaps I was correct. Thanks for the link. I'll go check it out.
And your grandson.....watch out! He'll be on your computer very soon!

Oh my. I hate to play favorites but this is my fav TT so far this week. I love it!
TT#26- A Lil Too Straight?

Re: #8... What a disturbing idea... but I'm certain you've given food for thought to some folks in places like Wasalia.

Great list and lots of info in your T13. As for the prescription drug ads - oh, yeah. My 16 year old makes up his own lists of side effects, but even he has noted that the side effects sound worse than the conditions they're meant to treat. Lately, we've been amused by the "correction" from the makers of Yaz "setting a few things straight". THOSE ads really bothered me with their suggestion that you should take birth control pills for trivial reasons - or that they could control very serious conditions.

Yum, pomegranates!!

Hahaha, Yes Pecan. Although where I'm from, it wouldn't rhyme. It would be, "Yes, puh-CAHN." Hahahaha.

In my mind, I think... 'oh coffee phone... that's perfect!'...

then I realize I don't drink coffee anymore....

and just get depressed. ;)

Wait a minute - what's a sunrise? If it looks like a barn on fire I think I'd rather sleep in ;0)

I love Patry's work and outlook..This last post really picked me up..sandy

Great thirteen! Martin pointed out one drug commercial to me that goes on and on and on and on. I've never seen anything like it. It is an anti-depressent but the side effects just keep rolling out. Especially about suicidal thoughts. I've heard they just have to cover their bases but darn, some of those drugs just sound dangerous.

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