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13 Thursday: Fa la la la la

Word_Puzzle2.jpg 1. My poet friend Mara called and wanted me to look something up for her. “Pool hours,” she said, but I heard something like poolours and thought it was a new poetry form like pantoums!

2. Did you know that belly laughs are like pain killers?

3. Seen at Fire Cat’s on Easter Sunday – Words from my pagan friend Hollie: I've told my co-workers that I don't believe in Easter, but chocolate is nondenominational and therefore I believe very strongly in easter eggs and bunnies.

4. THIS was the best Easter photo I came across in my blog travels.

5. Mara says that sonnets are like poems wearing neckties, kind of corny, but demanding respect.

6. I thought about naming my first collection of poetry “12 Items or Less: The Cash Only Line” or maybe “Mutant Haiku” because of my love of small poems.

7. Poetry is like wine. We start out drinking Ripple, then move on to Mateus, and then graduate to something much better, I hope. Even though I’ve acquired a taste for a variety of poetry and understand more of it than I used to, I still go for the short poems when faced with a whole book of them. I do this with the same logic that causes me to choose a short line when I’m in a store waiting to check-out. ~From the real name of my first poetry collection, which is THIS.

spokenwordflyerx.jpg 6. April is National Poetry month. I guess I’ll celebrate it this way: There were green clothes and Irish brogues, blarney and ballads, latte and brew at Café Del Sol’s March Spoken Word Night on St. Patrick’s Day. Floyd’s April Spoken Word Night, scheduled on the 21st from 7-9 at the café, promises a spring fling of prose and poetics in celebration of National Poetry month. Come on out and see what the latest crop of spoken word performers will come up with. ~ Ad in the Floyd Press about April’s Spoken Word.

7. I consider the cardinal that has been repeatedly banging itself against our living room window a metaphor for “fear of the other” or fear of one’s own shadow. The bird’s bird brain behavior is apparently contagious as witnessed by all the unproductive time I’ve spent trying (but not succeeding) to get a picture of it in the act.

8. Poets Against the War is an online site begun by poet Sam Hamill a couple of months before the Iraq invasion. From January to the start of the war, he collected 13,000 poems and presented an anthology of them to the US Congress and the Bush Administration. A couple of my poems were included. See them HERE.

9. I’ve been meaning to change the line in my “100 Things About Me” that says I’ve never gotten a SCRABBLE BINGO because since I wrote that I’ve had two. I’m less inclined to push for an update on my Poet’s Against the War bio though because it says that I’m (still) 51.

10. Neil Young’s blog “Living with War,” (named after his most recent CD), hosts the posting of war protest songs. There are 1,680 songs so far. Last time I looked, number 190 is Floydian Joel Vendetti.

11. Neil Young on Cobert! You know it’s going to be funny. But don’t stop THERE. HERE’s a blast from the past.

12. Do you have a bizzaro-world blog with the same name as yours? I do. LOOK.

13. This was my shortest (non photo) blog post: "If no one will quote me, I’ll quote myself. Is that a quote?"

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As always, Colleen, a fascinating TT...Many interesting poetry references and music references, too...I have an assiciation with David Crosby...Someday I will post about it...!

Always a pleasure reading your posts.

I'm supporting National Poetry Month by spreading the word about readings in and around Victoria.

I write really, really short poems too - like the one I penned for my beloved Mama (now gone) on Easter Sunday:

Mama, I whisper,
is that you there,
bent at the door,
darkening the lamp,
waiting for the bridegroom?

Is that you there
with your alabaster comb
piling my hair into a high black nest,
building a home for swallows?

Is that you there
washing the floor
with a mop made of tears?

My TT #9 post is all about lessons learned from my mom & dad. It's the beginning of a longer list - my goal is to get to 100 for each - as a tribute to them.

Thanks, once again, for a thought provoking post. Do stop by if you have a moment or two.

I am picturing in my head the cardinal bashing against your window. And I can see you standing there trying to capture it with the camera. Primarily because I have done the same thing at my window! Bird brains think alike!

Hi. . .
I like the best Easter photo.
very cute.... Happy TT.


Cool! Southwest Virginia is well represented on Neil's charts - my video is sitting at #82 this week...

Have a great Thursday!

I saw this thing yesterday about laughing yoga classes to help you lose weight! I need to laugh more. :)

2. Laughter does good like medicine.
3.oooooh, so sweet
4. I like short poems too, I find myself rereading over and over the longer ones to try and tie it all together
5.Now you've got me thinking about writing a very short poem, in honor of National Poetry month, that's quite an unusual occurrence for me. Thanks!

Wonderful post and links!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Yay for poetry and 13 thursdays.

you know, there's some weird thing between the thirteen thursday website and blogspot (my server) they dont seem to like each other much...oh well.

I love Neil Young, that high voice...

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying
In the yellow haze of the sun
There were children crying and colors flying
All around the chosen ones
All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun
Flyin' mother nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun

you know, Mara probably comes to your blog more often than you think. She said that reads everything that I post, but UI wouldn't know it because she only comments every once and a while.

~~ Like the references about Neil Young ~~ way back in the day when The Husband was trying to be a rock & roll "star" his band played at a bar which Neil Young visited. From the jist of what my hubby said, Mr. Young wasn't too impressed with the band. Shoulda been a warning...

Love the story on the cardinal...we now have a pair of Carolina Wren's nesting in our mail box. Never had the cardinal - bashing - a - window tho.

happy poetry month! glad to know about it....it will inspire me to incorporate more of it into the reading i do with my son this month....

Yay, for belly laughs! I'm glad I'm doing something healthy :0.

My dd and dh have great belly laughs and they are contagious. You absolutely cannot hear and see them without laughing with them.

Thanks for providing the always charming and funny and toughtful TT.

"There were green clothes and Irish brogues, blarney and ballads,"

Leprechauns,expresso and all sorts of Word salads!!!

HA! You could call your volume of poetrty, "Poem Express!" or "Expressly Poetry!"!!

Sally does say on the Cafe website about spoken word night.... "Expresso...oops... Express yourself!"

Can I quote you? lol
I played today too.

Most of the time a short poem is enough to say it all!

Great TT....as always. I loved those baby butts! Too cute!

how weird that I mention Neil young today also. hmmmm

here from michele.

This was a fun list. I love the Easter egg babies, and of course you know I love Neil Young.

My url is Sea and Sky and I have two blogs connected to it, Nearest Distant Shore and Chrysalis. I have an occasional visitor whose blog is called Sea and Sky.

Love it! All the great links, the cute Easter photo, the line: "bird’s bird brain behavior". Another great 13, thanks!

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