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Blogs are for Storytellers

story.jpg Tell me a story of things that smell lovely … Jasmine … Patchouli … I love you truly … ~Colleen

As a blogger, I don’t need to know that Janet likes Johnny Depp, Naomi has a sweet tooth for chocolate, Rick grows hot peppers in his back yard, or that Terri drives around her island in a golf cart. I want to know because those are interesting details make for good reading.

In the same way that I get invested in a novel when the author knows how to make the characters come to life, blogs are interesting to me when their authors reveal an unforgettable personal quirk, a unique or surprising detail, or one that I can relate to and see myself in. The fact that bloggers are real people only makes their stories more compelling to me. Real stories appeal to my love of memoir, documentary, and biography. Because stories can go deep and leave a lasting impression, they have the ability to foster bonds and empathy for others.

Since blogs became popular, there’s been an ongoing public dialogue about their purpose. For the most part, I see them as a modern twist in the ancient art of storytelling. Once an entirely oral tradition, storytelling today is done in a variety of ways, but the reasons for telling stories remains the same. They’re told to preserve culture, to instill knowledge and values, to inform, entertain and socialize. Human beings are a story telling species. We are known by our stories and our stories are what remain once we are gone.

My readers don’t need to know that I have city driving anxiety, that I’m sometimes more comfortable wearing boy’s clothing, that my husband and I have the same IQ number but for different reasons, or that I’ll get up and dance no matter where I am if I hear Aretha Franklin sing “Respect.” I tell them those things because they’re part of the story I’m telling.


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pss...no body knows it...but sometimes I'm more comfy in girls clothes...just thought you might wanna know.

I find people so interesting...so unique and yet, we are so much more alike than we are not. Leah, did you know the underlined words are links that go to further explanations? There is a story about the boy's clothes.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. find out what it means to me (are you dancing yet?) ;)

No, but you did get some things moving. The smile across my face is a wide one!

How can anyone NOT dance to that song! Sing it, Aretha!!!

I love hearing people's stories, finding out what makes people what they are now. And I learn so much, not just facts or specific information, but soul stuff, the things that help me be more than I am now.

I love the quirky details. Quirky and unique are two of my favorite words and to me, blogs are great ways to discover just how quirky we all are!

Sing it Aretha!


The biography has been my favorite read since childhood. People are so interesting. Decision making, paths taken. I read obits in the paper for the same reason. I see an interesting face and read about that person's life. Strange, but true.

some people hate this whole "reality" entertainment movement, but i love it. people fascinate me....guess that's why i studied human psychology in school......

i also hate driving in cities...it scares me!

i love poking around peoples blogs too. I found yours thru http://becky68.wordpress.com/. I agree with you, half the fun of reading others blogs in finding out quirky little things that make us individuals. I can't blame you for dancing to Respect...its a great song and was made for dancing!!

You hit the nail on the head again...as usual. Blogging is about humanity and what makes us tick and how we handle or don't handle the challenges that life throws at us. Similarities and differences keep us intrigued.

~~~ Living in this huge industrial city makes me a nervous wreck ~~ I've always loved to drive but after moving here, it is something I dread ~~ Maybe if my little car had a stereo in it, or a CD player, I'd DEFINTETLY play Aretha VERY VERY LOUD...maybe it would make the terror go away...

** Oh ** Sometimes I think I tell too much on my Blog...but then, that's what it's designed for, isn't it? Or, maybe it's my Irish...

Yes, I'm back....slowly...to the world of blogging and this entry of yours was super! You said it all about the "why" of blogging. Because we're revealing small parts of the real us and telling a story. And maybe, somebody else just might enjoy what we have to say. I enjoyed this entry of yours. I'm still trying to adjust to being back on my island and not in Paris, so I'll be back to visit very soon and get caught up on what you had to say while I was gone. Just wanted to say "hello" and touch base with you.

Well said Colleen! I think of you as my Floyd friend! I would miss the connections I've made. Many say blogging is a waste of time. I do try to limit my computer time but my blog friends mean something to me. I am invested in what happens to them and personally I think it couldn't be too harmful to have friends all over the world.

And I still can't get over Naomi having a bob cat in her garden! And I am glad Terri is back safe and sound from Paris.

Blogs are a great place to self-express and the bonus is feedback. I just did a meme where you highlighted and described thought-provoking blogs and I included yours in the first post installment about this. I couldn't keep it to 5 so I did a 2nd installment yesterday!

Is this a hint that you would like to know more quirky things about all bloggers out there? Hmmm. Perhaps at the very end of an entry, everyone could add just one line about themselves... similar to a quote. Let's see. I once had a room painted the color of orange sherbet.

Another great post! And it is the individual details that make blogs (and people) so interesting. And I think we are more likely to share the information in blogging than we are in casual conversation with others. By the way, when I have to do high stress driving, I've found that playing the Eagles at high volume and singing along gets me to my destination a whole lot easier!

Michelle sent me, and I also really love to pick up trivial factoids from blogs.

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