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Pillow Talk

pillotyalk.jpg AKA: Morning Conversations

My husband, Joe, and I were lounging around in bed this morning. He, who has much more morning energy than I do, had just taken 3 phone calls, was in the middle of enthusiastically recounting the Chinese Medicine workshop he attended the day before, and giving me a foot rub all at the same time. In the middle of the bed, on his knees, he gave the bed a bounce with the weight of his body as he hung up from the last call. In between sips of my tea, I said, jokingly, “Oh, you’re so much more popular than I am. The phone never rings this much when you’re not home.”

“Look, (I was on a roll) you’re like a ball bouncing around that I’m watching,” I added.

“I’m not wearing you out am I?” he asked.

“No, because I’ve decided to enjoy watching you,” I answered.

He continued his dissertation on Chinese Medicine, this time from the foot of the bed with his back towards me, as he made a new attempt to massage my feet.

After a few seconds, he broke away from his story and said, “I just lost you; didn’t I?"

"How did you know!?"

“I could just feel you picking up your notebook,” he revealed.

Yes, an overload of language can send me right into the world of notebooks and words that don’t talk out loud from the page.

I didn’t get much of a foot rub, after all.

"Let’s break for breakfast," I said.


Joe: He picks up a book, “The Undiscovered Country: Exploring the Promise of Death,” and asks, “Where did you get this?" pillowtalk3.jpg

Me: “Dorian gave it to me, a couple of years after Jim and Dan died."

Joe: "Are you attached to it?"

Me: "Why? Are you planning to give it away? If that’s the case, than, yes, I’m attached to it."

Me: "I really do plan to read all the books I have around here, someday. You know, when I retire from my retirement."


Treasured this discourse between you two but I would have insisted on the complete foot massage. Love your pictures these days!!! New camera is a delight.

Thanks, Gretchen! My house is looking pretty photogenic in these shots and with the new camera. If I do say so myself.

This look very relaxing. It's great your DH is so aware of the tools avaialbale on the Internet.
Have a great weekend,

I have loads of books too. I like having so many within peruse range. :-) A wake up foot massage sounds like a good start to the day. How lovely your hubby can read you so well.

I learned two things today. One, you got a new camera---cool. Two, you have to retire from retirment to read all the books that are lying around...gee.

Hi Colleen. This morning I'm over here from Michele's. It's amazing that any of us get along considering how different we all are. I'm the morning person, but my husband is the popular one. Isn't he kind to rub your feet? I hope you hug him late at night when he's fast asleep and you are wide awake.

Michele sent me to you again, Colleen. People are going to talk!

There's never enough time, is there? So many books, blogs, and other distractions--but few people have a spouse giving them a foot message first thing in the morning, Colleen. You are blessed!

sounds like the morning banter at my place. lol

I like the cozy look into your morning. You sound like a very sweet, loving couple.

I have books stacked to read...I am behind, way behind on my reading. But we are traveling soon and nothing like the airport to get me through some books!

I loved the conversation about the book--my husband is always asking me leading questions about all of my books (leading as in he is leading it into a conversation about how to get rid of some of them!)

Oh, I can relate! Mary can "feel" me picking up my notebook, too -- and she also holds forth on biological/medical topics. Though the only thing that loosens our hold on books is when they get so musty that Mary's lungs complain. (The Cambridge Dept. of Public Works literally had dumpsters full of discarded books free for the taking -- and we took! We're nowhere near through reading them, but we get a lot of use out of a full set of early 60s Encyclopedia Britannica that Mary had hauled home in her truck.)

Yes, I know the backlog of books to read--you're the author of one of mine, but at least I've started that one~,:^)

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