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13 Thursday: Sign of the Times

13banner.jpg1. If I was made of pottery and the sun was my kiln, my glaze would be freckles.

2. Now that I have DSL and my phone line isn’t tied up when I’m on line I’m seeing how many people don’t actually call me.

3. Glancing at a BMG music catalog that had just come in the mail, without my glasses on, I thought the photo on the cover of a young Ozzie Osborne was Demi Moore.

4. I created the above sign through a banner/poster generator found at the Generator Blog by way of Pearl.

5. I participated in my first ever Peace March in Washington D.C. in October of 2002. In protest of the then impending invasion of Iraq, I marched alongside my friend Alwyn who is a Quaker and an environmental activist, well into her 70s. I went to another big DC march in January 2003, where I heard Ron Kovic speak, met Jessica Lange, and recorded my poem, “Dream for President Bush,” for a the cable TV station in the small town I grew up in. More on that here.

6. My favorite blog quote of the week, was found at Ripples from a post titled “Think of a blog as a thought-transmitter.” With a blog, “You don't have to mix paint to put on a cave wall” to get your ideas out, Ripples author, David wrote.

7. My blog friend, Patry from “Simply Wait” has generated an interesting dialogue via her post “On Writers and Ambition,” which delves into the tension between creating art and the work it takes to market it. In my comment to her I said, “At the very least, I don't want my writing to have to COST me money. I think it should at least keep me in printing ink...and you know how much that costs these days.” Patry’s first novel, THE LIAR'S DIARY, will be published by Dutton in March, 2007.

8. My new favorite spring quote, which was sent to me via the Love Link from my sister Sherry, is: And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. –by Anais Nin

9. Speaking of Sherry, the sister that I lived with back in the 70s during our Laverne and Shirley days, here’s a site she would like: Tea Leaves. It’s an online tea leaf reading site, found via Jennifer at Open Book. Sherry and I used to get our tea leaves read every chance we got, back in the day when I lived in Massachusetts.

10. Apparently, some folks think Loose Leaf Notes is a topless or a nudist blog, according to two recent key word searches that brought people here: “A shirtless camping trip” and “Can I sunbathe nude in South Carolina?” I think they got the idea from this post.

11. I seem to know summer through my bare feet. As a girl, I remember how they hurt, walking on our long gravel drive-way. It didn’t occur to me to put shoes on in June. And if I had, how would my feet ever have gotten tough enough to withstand the rest of the summer? So begins “Is It Summer Yet?” one of the 3 essays I recorded at the WVTF radio studio last fall. It’s the last of the group to be aired, slated to be so tomorrow 6:55 and 8:55am. You can hear me reading it here and read it here.

12. The above essay is a blog entry with a new application. It’s mostly about going barefoot and was originally written it in answer to a question Fred posed on Fragments From Floyd, “When do you Know it’s Summer?” Fred is a WVTF radio essayist who’s been at it longer than me. He also writes a column in our local paper, and has a BLOOK.

13. In a recent blog entry in which I was announcing the airing of the radio essay before this one, “Life in the Rural Fast Lane,” I mistakenly called WVTF, WTF! You know what that means; don’t you?

Post Note: You can now visit thursdaythirteen.com and find all things 13 there, thanks to Leanne and her company. My other Thirteens are here.


Your banner is so cool!!!

I love that quote...

Lots of new links to check out. Thanks! Your sister has been coming to visit, how come she doesn't blog?

Happy Easter.

I'm playing....

I visited your friend who's being published. I'm trying to get an agent to get my book published, too!

My list is up

Hiya Colleen! Congrats on being one of the first featured blogs on Thursdaythirteen.com! :D I will bounce back later to read through your list, I have to go get landscaping rock!


I love #2. LOL. Thanks for sharing this list. :)

I love your banner too :)

Great list.

My 13 is up.

I love the banner! Your creativity always makes me smile.

I really wish I could get DSL. Im so jealous... lol

Happy TT!

I loved your #2 quote!
AND. I am looking forward to marching on Washington some day.
I am so the inner activist!
I loved the banner!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

Wow, impressive list! It's always so interesting to see what others come up with, don't you think?

Thanks for visiting my T13 :-)

I loved the clever banner and the quote. It reminded me of this one from Kahil Gibran; "Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses all understanding."

Have a blessed day!

My own 13 is busy boiling water for tea right now over at http://akaenigma.blogspot.com/

Wonderful list as always! My Thirteen are here.

We did a peace March in Washington back in 1990 or 91. I can't remember the exact date. I like #1. I've been thinking of taking a pottery class. Happy Easter! :)

I love the quote from Anais. When I have time, I'll check out more of your links!

Oh, BTW: I did a little peace march right before the invasion of Iraq too. I had my son in a stroller at the time. Everyone started marching, and we stayed back a little bit. But when my son said "March, Mommy! March!" I had to go!

What an amazing quote! It embodies why I love the spring. Thanks for sharing it!

LOL! I read WVTF as WTF! My 13 are up :-)

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile! great list mine are up. I like the qoutes.I heard something from my pastor that I never heard before Daffidills bloom the same time every year and it is the same tine Jesus was resurected. i don't know if you are religious but I thought that was neat!:)

Oh Coll.....that quote was good and I can't wait to check out the tea leaf site. I will have to go over and see Nancy and tell her why I don't blog.

I've been under the weather.... er, rather pollen and not sure I even did thirteen things today. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day...
Ah, yes, and the pollen continues.

Sympathy with srp about being under the weather; I've been feeling the same with the pollen. I love the Nin quote. And it is very interesting what searches you get hits from. Sometimes I'm mean and post pictures of sheared rabbits as "n-a-k-e-d buns"!

Love your poster! That is quite nice. The Demi-Ozzy thing cracked me up.

I really love #6 - blogs as thought-transmitters :) Great 13 - sorry I'm a day late in visiting, but congrats on being a featured blog on thursdaythirteen.com!

My breath always catches a little bit (in a good way) when I see your post titles "Thursday Thirteen" because I know I'm always in for a treat - or I should say - 13 treats!

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