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Two Sons


I have another son, the mechanically-minded one who likes cars and 4-wheeling. He does plumbing, remodeling, and electrical work. He’s quieter than his older brother, the Asheville potter who loves the Red Sox, and so he doesn’t end up on my blog very often, which I’m sure suits him just fine.

Generally, my younger son is more yin than his older yang brother. You could assume by the fact that my older son loves the Red Sox that he is naturally competitive and athletic, and you’d be right. He’s all heart and gusto and was born ready to go. It’s not that my younger son isn’t athletic or competitive, but he’s more laid back about it. And he is also full of heart. He’s the kind of person that when playing monopoly as a boy, couldn’t bear to see me lose and would slip me monopoly money under the table if he thought I was losing.

Recently, he came up the mountain from Roanoke, where he lives with his girlfriend, to visit. “What’s new, Dyl?” I asked him.

After thinking a moment, he answered, “I got a new grille.”

I smiled, sweetly remembering, and then responded, “That’s funny. “Grille” is exactly how you used to say “girl” when you were a little boy.”

For Dylan

I dream you as a child
just to hear you talk
in that little boy voice
when I was

Somehow knowing
your voice was just that sweet
when you were seven you asked me
“Do I sound like a girl,

Always striving to be grown up
It happens soon enough
The child will be buried like a pit within
from a fruit already eaten

From that heartbreaking sweetness
you’ve arrived safely grown
with your voice deeply rooted now
in a wondrous young man’s body

But how long have I been deaf
so severed from the past
grieving the death of my child
while you still exist?

You’re my favorite dream
I yearn to compose
each delicately placed detail
In this awakening I am restored

Opening a window
to the music of first speech
It pours like honey through me
I struggle to be lucid

to hold you like a note
to be loved again that purely
to hear you call me

~ Colleen 2/00


Ahhh, Isn't it so amazing how different each child is!?
Dylan's center of gravity is his heart...very Redman like in his approach to LIFE.

I loved the poem.

Can you see the sweet smile on his face under all that hair?!

He looks cute and I LOVE that name. If I had another son, that's what I'd name him.

Sweet poem, reminds me of my son when he was just a cute little blond baby and couldn't pronounce his "r"'s.

Oh BOY!!!!! Does that poem hit me in the most sentimental way. I miss my babies too. XO

Awww...memories of my Toddler Speak post yesterday except mine are a little more current than yours ;0) He sounds like my brother..he's certified mechanic living in Charlottesville with his girlfriend and is going to start his own business painting cars. Sounds like a wonderful boy...love his name too...particularly the spelling.

A very nice tribute to Dylan; I miss the time when mine were babies too.

Yes, Colleen, Jeff Bridges (also Beau), but when they were younger, no?

He sounds like sweetheart.

There's been a huge theme going around lately of savor this moment while it lasts. It must be that we've hit the middle months of the year causing all this sentimentality.

I remember his sweetness well! and that voice - have memories of when you would read to the boys at the first VA house - I think it was 1987?

Sending Love

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