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How to Build a Snowman in Three Easy Steps

That should say "in three easy parts," and in this case, our snowman turned out to be a girl.
Kaylee did most of the work. She rolled the balls while I shoveled her snow for packing. I would have helped more but had my hands full with Bryce who needed help walking in the deep snow and keeping his sock mittens on.
It took two of us to lift the middle part. I felt like Atlas lifting the world.
Soon our snowgirl was slowing traffic, getting waves and comments from passersby.
The wig was my great idea. I pinned it down with stretched out paper clips. Kaylee put on the carrot nose, big button eyes, and pink hair tie for lips. We named her "Big Sister."

Meanwhile, HERE'S a funny video clip of Bryce. He gave it a good try, spent 10 minutes trying to put his own boots on before I asked if he wanted some help and he gave up and took it. HAPPY 28th birthday to Bryce's daddy Dylan!


Our snow was so airy and light we could not get a snowman going for the kids, Then by the time is was packable, it had turned to an icey crust! Maybe next year. This is a very nice snowgirl.

Big sister is da bomb especially the hair!!

we have so much snow we have given up being artistic with it and are just happy to get it moved out of the way so we can walk/ drive.
here from Netchick, but i should visit more often

Looks like FUN to me ;-)
Love the pink hat and accessories!
Hugs and blessings,

I LOVE her hat and scarf!!

I really like the snowwoman. You are very talented. Of course I love the byrce video. xo

That is one awesome snowgirl! Very cute...and it looks like y'all had a lot of fun making her!

no snow here all winter! not one flake! now spring is here with buds and flowers and new growth and greenery climbing toward the blue sky. amazing to have it arrive so early and one late frosty night will kill this rebirth.

love the video of bryce who is one of the cutest kids on the east coast! "booooots....booooots" - what a doll.

we have been busy in vancouver and now are glued to the olympic coverage. will be hit and miss here for a while.

In my 22 years in Virginia I've never seen this much snow. It snowed again today. I've said it before... it's like the world is tipping and cold places are turning warm and warm places are turning cold now.

Like the one of Kaylee as the head of the snowman best.

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