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A Hip Sip


Beatniks play saucers
Ring teaspoon clappers
Jam with jazz rappers
Sing praises to Lao Tzu

Note: For more teapoet poems click and scroll HERE.


loving it and the tea!! sandy

count me in! loving lao tzu!

Love that little teapot! I collect teapots.

The picture was taken at the Local Roots Cafe in Roanoke. I loved the teapot too, especially the color. I have a cobalt blue one like it.

I always wondered if all the Lao Tzu references were to the same "old teacher" or if it just meant saying. I see there's one with the handle. http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Philosophy/Taichi/lao.html

Have you ever thought about writing "lyrics", Colleen...this reads like a wonderful song lyric....!

I have written nursery rhymes and lots of ditties but never thought of them as lyrics because I don't play music. Something to think about.

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