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13: Blues and News

smilex7.gif1. Why is it when someone says 'be careful' or 'drive safely' I feel like I'm doomed for disaster but if they say 'be well' or 'take care' I feel competent and blessed?

2. Strange trivia found scribbled in my notebook: How much does a body weigh after cremation? 7-8 pounds.

3. Are Ya Kiddin' Me? Weird Snow TOTALLY Fits Global Warming Pattern -- One word: moisture. A warmer atmosphere holds more water. Plus, warmer surface temperatures are triggering more evaporation of ocean water worldwide. That water goes up, up, up into that atmosphere. And what goes up must sooner or later come down. This is precisely what scientific studies are now documenting. Water vapor in the global atmosphere jumped by about 5 percent in the 20th century. Read more of this Baltimore Sun op-ed by a member of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network HERE.

4. This morning my stomach made the sound like a cell phone vibrating on a table.

5. The bad news is that I have the wintertime blues. The good news is that every time the snow gets depressingly dirty a new snowfall comes to cover it with white.

6. Did I really say that? Colleen complaining to Joe about our water pressure: "Can you change the filter? The bath water is taking too long to download."

7. Well put observation spoken by a historian on a PBS show about the early settlers of Appalachia: "The English came and built a church right away. The Germans built a barn and the Scotch Irish built a whiskey still.

8. Don't you think THIS Octomom needs to take some time off from taking caring of the kids and do something about her hair?

9. THIS record breaking tall snowwoman has truck tires for buttons, 16 skis for eyelashes and 30 foot trees for arms.

10. THESE laughing babies won American Funniest Video prize.

11. We came out of this week's Laughter Yoga class to see a smiling sliver of new moon in the sky (see photo above).

12. Look! ... A fingernail moon ... painted silver ... has landed upright ... in a wide-mouth bowl ... Clipped close from the darkness ... the moon is filed down ... to a delicate sliver ... of smiling light.

13. Best Blue soundtrack is HERE.

More TT's are HERE.


An enlightening and entertaining Thursday 13, Colleen! I like your moon poem very much.

"Songs are like tatoos, you know I've been to sea before. Crown and anchor me, and let me sail away. Oh, blue."

The winter blues in Charleston, SC consist of blue sky, blue sea, and the blue light of the full moon. But it sure is cold!!!

Stay warm, and think of fire!

Interesting to know the weight of a body after cremation, did you check ? and I feel the same as you in n° 5, lol !

I always wondered how much a body weighs after cremation.

Re: #6 - Ever tried to rewind real life? We have a video recorder on our t.v. (a Tivo kind of thing) and I'm so used to backing up live television that I have actually held the remote and tried to rewind what just happened in reality!


Quite entertaining, I loved the enormous snowman!

I have the winter blues, too. Longing for some green grass!

I am impressed with the snow woman. It seems like creativity really comes to the fore when we are snowed in and bored.

re: #1 - I think because the former carries a negative connotation, the latter is more positive!

#3 - Global Weirding: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/17/opinion/17friedman.html

#6 - LMAO!

#12 a beauty think Bryce no more bluies.

You've hit the nail right on the head about moisture and global warming!

i enjoyed all of these and got a lot of chuckles. i especially liked the fingernail moon. :)

don't you wonder exactly what the photographer was doing that made those babies laugh so hard? everytime i see this it is so refreshing.

The bath water comment is hilarious. We're all being computerized.


I absolutely loved the laughing babies and the "BLUE" song by Joni Mitchell. One of the best. xoxo

loved it all. enjoyed it all!

More than just annoyed

Fun '13' as always ... loved the laughing babies ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Sorry I missed this one last week. I don't think I'd want to be around when that giant snowwoman melts!

I actually took a picture of it melted yesterday, just a wig and a hat on the ground and frozen stuck.

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