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YAC Takes on a Christmas Classic

1ghost_8543.gif~ The following was published in The Floyd Press on December 10, 2009.

Mankind is my business!" bellowed the Ghost of Jacob Marley, played by Emerson Perry during a Sunday evening performance of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at the Sun Hall. This classic tale of redemption and Christmas spirit, the latest Young Actors Co-op (YAC) production, enlisted the talents of the largest cast yet, with many parts suited for young first time performers.

Top hats and bonnets, petticoat dresses, shawls, and eerie ghostly cloaks, along with inventive set designs literally set the stage for an engaging 90 minutes of holiday entertainment, played to a full house. timytim562.gif Period costumes from the nineteenth century were borrowed from Charlotte Atkins' private vintage collection, sewn by YAC parents Dr. Sue Osborne and Heather Spangler, and found in thrift shops. The Ghost of Christmas Present (Coriander Woodruff) adorned in a wreath of holly loomed large on walking stilts.

The addition of drop microphones by YAC light and sound engineer Woody Woodruff allowed audience members in farthest reaches of the hall to hear first time YAC actor, 7 year old Bert Avellar deliver Tiny Tim's resounding line "God bless us everyone." Special tricks of lighting projected Jacob Marley's haunting face on to Scrooge's (Cameron Woodruff) door. danc48.gif

"YAC strives to bring the highest standard of theater excellence to the stage, to provide a creative outlet for youths in the region, and to encourage a love and appreciation for the art of theater in young and old," the event program reads. Under the direction of Rose McCutchan, the group has proven once again that they are fulfilling that mission. ~ Colleen Redman

Note: Last chance to catch this performance is tonight at the Sun Hall at 7:00. Tickets at the door are $6 for adults and $3 dollars for children. Youtube video clips are HERE and HERE.


YAC sounds like a wonderful organization and the play looks very entertaining.

Flash Dancing

I have moved and miss that small town nostalgia. Must get more involved.

I wish we could go see it now. And yes, "The Christmas Carol" we saw in the movies. I remember so vividly as if it were yesterday being at the Collier's house talking about how wonderful it was. xo

You're memory is better than mine!

TCM played the 1937 (?) Version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL the other day, with Reginald Owen as Scrooge, and I believe is showing it again in this week.....It certainly is a story that gets repeated and repeated, one way or another. This sounds like a lovely production, Colleen---special costumes, and all.

It looks a very inventive production.

NetChick sent me here.

there is nothing finer than local theater

the weekend meet n greet needs a nice headstone

That's a fun play. I think I've only seen it 3 times.

speaking of the dead, and well, http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2008/01/victorian_postmortem_photography.php

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