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November Remembered

1. A Watered Down Version of Trees
2. Tunnel Vision
3. Tangled up in Blue
4. Honks for Food

Note: A short video revealing the tops of the watered down trees is HERE.


Very fun captions for your lovely memories.

Flash 55 - Holiday Preparations

Beautiful pictures! I love the watered down trees!

Thanks again for a nice smile!

It was a wonderful day with Joe at Pandapas Pond in Blacksburg, except for the part where I dropped him off in a subdivision for a counseling session and picked him up an hour later at the wrong house!! I waited half an hour in the car in someone's driveway before he called me on the cell phone he had the sense to leave with me and ask where I was.

going fast all of it..

Beautiful photos, Colleen. Here from Tanyas.

Great pictures Colleen....Love them all! The Tree Video is very Beautiful, too....! Something about that picture of you and Joe is very touching and so sweet!

These are really nice, Colleen. I love the one of you and Joe.

Very nice! You and Joe look lovely together.

Fun Pics!!!!

i have not had my camera out lately
except for some concert video
( i am feeling a bit slack these days )

lovely goose
here from Netchick

Honks for food - I like that!

y'know I like them all but I think I like the first one best.

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