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Ghouls, Fools, and Witch's Brews

I saw a couple of cowgirl trick-or-treaters and rows of lit up jack-o-lanterns bobbing up and down the streets of Floyd on my drive through town last night. It was a misty dusk and I was on my way to The Pine Tavern Pavilion for their annual Halloween party featuring the music of The Kind. Once there, I saw blogger Fred First in a bathrobe and some other scary sights, like this Bride of Blood, posed (above) with my witchy woman friend Kim.
This was the first Halloween in years that I actually showed my real face, so I was shy at first. I hung out with the mimes (Sally and Laura) who turned out to be excellent dancers.
I had watched a youtube clip of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd singing Soul Man to get in the mood before I left the house. "Somebody hand me a cheeseburger (if not a harmonica)" was my line for the night. I did some Belushi moves on the crowded dance floor and got in touch with my Motown roots. I also got some attention from my roaring 20's flapper friend Ilima.
Some people made pit stops to the town costume collector's closet before showing up to the party, and that's how the Blue Fairy (Alina) was transformed into the Queen of Hearts and her Prince of Peace Piper (Chris) became the Mad Hatter.
I was sure Mara was the recently kicked out planet Pluto, but she informed me she was really "The Center of the Universe."
I'm still waiting for my friend Rowan to let me borrow his Mexican hat dance hat. Halloween is a great time to reveal alter-egos and let the child within play, and the group pictured above takes the Halloween party cake!


any verse for the night ?

Great costumes! It looks like a great party.

I will always think of Pluto as a planet...no matter what!!

Gosh, that looks like fun.

That looks like a very good group!!

Here is to Halloween and your blues brother costume??@!@@(*#u9u294u

What does that mean?

I bet you had a lot of fun. I know Halloween but in the country where I grew up, we don't celebrate it like the way you do. We usually go to cemeteries and pray for the souls of the departed.

They are definitely a group in touch with their inner child.

Book Review #5 - Merle's Door

The message was all in fun.
I was making a toast, but it didn't come out like that.
I loved the pics too. xo

That looks like so much fun. I'm not a party person, but everyone looks so good-natured at your party that I'd probably be at ease there. Especially if I were in costume...:-)

What is the lady on the right in the bottom picture dressed as?

A butterfly! Or maybe a fairy. She had wings.

such a haunting group! ;)

Great Fun, my dear! I love that everyone gets all gussied up in special costumes...Yours was very clever...! Love the Mimes and those first two...Very Very Scary...lol!

What an awesome looking party!!! I think I'll do a Halloween party next year.

Years ago, I gave a Halloween costume party and asked everyone to come as their 'secret inner self.' Talk about costumes!!! This was in California during the 70's...

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