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Woods and Water

She's at home in the woods and needed to be near water before winter sets in.
Although, we didn't hike all the way to the Cascades waterfall, we were uplifted by the natural setting, made giddy by the rushing water, and humbled by the randomly placed giant boulders.
Our conversations on life and death ebbed and flowed as walked, picking up leaves and looking up to see which trees they fell from.
I was excited by the fungi growing on an old log. She had me take photos of the pools and creek stones so that she could sketch them later.
At the Inn at Riverbend, where we spent the night, the dog Jackson sniffed around my pocketbook for the egg roll I had stashed from lunch, while the inn host showed her the view from the back deck.
The view was impressive, overlooking the New River. We were continually entertained by trains running on either side of it and the sound of their whistles.
We watched mockingbirds, chickadees, and cardinals. I picked out a favorite tree and watched the shadow it cast on the open field.
Sun, rain, wind, a moon but no stars all brought a sense of peace as we took in the wide canvas of sky from the deck outside our room.

Note: See more of the Riverbend view and hear a train whistle HERE.


quiet beauty - a rush for the soul I would say

Colleen, I love the view overlooking the New River. I can probably stare at it for hours. :)

Well, as you know, I love your neck of the woods. You live in such a lovely area. Great photos!

Oh my goodness, that is such a lovely view of the river and mountains and trees. What a beautiful place to spend time with a friend!

My friend Alwyn is a writer, environmentalist, animal rights activist, and former Waldorf kindergarten teacher who I've been close to for more than 20 years. Most of my friends are my age, but I think of Mara and Alwyn as my bookends because Mara is 24 years younger than me and Alwyn is that many years older.

I just added a video of the trains and a more expansive view of the view!

A beautiful place, Colleen. I love your photos.

what a fabulous visit with nature for you and your friend! great photos, colleen. looks like you guys found some pretty amazing gifts during your adventure.

I have been to Cascade waterfall over a dozen times. It is gorgeous there. I am sure it was already freezing cold in those mountains by now, though! You are brave women to face that wind and water!!

It's been unseasonably warm here. At the Floyd Eco-Fair I went to this weekend, it nearly hit 80 degrees (or did). The Cascades hike is 2 miles in and out and not an easy one(moderately difficult). Alwyn wasn't up for that much walking. This was my only my third time there and so I had seen the spectacular waterfall (twice before).

Twin Falls is another amazing waterfall right here in Floyd County.

I always enjoy your pictorials. One of them led us to Josh's studio last week. We posted about it briefly tonight.

Ahhh Colleen and Alwyn

Yes - when we met Josh the conversation inevitably found its way to the Sox and baseball in general :0)

Thanks for sharing the time you had with Alwyn.
YOU look beautiful and so does the scenery! xo

BEAUTIFUL Pictures! You had your own natural Sun Dial with that Tree.....
Is that your Momma? She is Beautiful!

what a lovely place to getaway. how restive, and the company as well.

What a fantastic post. The photos just drew me in. She appears so strong and wise. And your photo was so good!

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