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13: Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

bagmoms13t.gif 1. Today's 13 Thursday all started because I did some google research after hearing about a Russian poet who was imprisoned for being a dissident and carved poetry in bars of soap and then memorized the poems before using the soap for washing.

2. I also just learned that they now make catchable, stackable, almost unbreakable, and edible bubbles. I'll be stopping at a toy store soon.

4. While searching for "dissident poet and soap" I discovered a poetry site called "Soap Boxing," and a site called "Explaining the mystical poetry with soap and dirt" by Rumi.

5. My husband Joe once covered himself in bubble wrap to be "package man" for Halloween. I insisted that he did it for the attention of all the pretty girls who came up to pop him.

6. That's my friend Rowan in the picture above as the Floyd Eco-Fair plastic bag monster. He's very gregarious and had kids following him around, which prompted me to call him The Pied Piper of Plastic. Later I heard another friend who saw him in Monster drag said, "That's the cutest white trash I've ever seen!"

7. On a more serious note, the back of Rowan's sign read, "One year one, one shopper, 500 bags." Use reusable!

8. His functional moonshine jugs, hand painted with Southwest Virginia motifs of hounds, raccoons, rabbits, and cocks, reflect the influence of his country upbringing. His dramatic and sometimes disturbing sculptures are inspired by ancient Chinese bronze tea ceremony jars and explore themes of religion, politics, and eroticism. ~ excerpt I wrote for potter Joey Jones web page. Read the rest and view Joey's work HERE.

9. I've never been afraid to eat something with a fork or spoon after it falls on the floor because I grow my own vegetables and I know where potatoes come from.

10. A few days ago I got a phone call from Joe after his month long silent meditation retreat ended. He was at the ocean and wanted me to hear the surf, so I sat holding the white phone receiver like a conch shell with an ocean roar inside.

11. Moon Peace: The moon is a mutiny ... a one bubble revolution ... escape from the sky-sea ... of sudsy clouds ... It floats across the heavens ... like a flower child pagan ... in peaceful demonstration ... against the status quo.

12. My only other post about bubbles is HERE.

13. Better than popping bubble wrap HERE.

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Edible sounds good, but half the fun of a bubble is popping it.

I agree, he is the cutest white trash alive hehehe..

Here is my first Thursday Thirteen

all 500 of those bags are in my kitchen

I love the story about the Russian poet. The story itself is poetic--washing yourself clean with your own words. I wonder if she later published the soap poems.

I am totally amazed that it is Thursday already! While reading your post I felt like I was in a time machine.

dude, i want stackable bubbles too!!!!!

happy tt!

White trash. hahahahahaha. 500 shopping bags a year is a sobering thought.

it's been a month already? hope he's back to you soon.

interesting story of the poet of the soap. a good solution. wonder when the poems will find a publisher/performance.

bubble wrap costume sounds good. label me Ms. Bubbles 2009.

Great list (as always!) What an interesting story about the Russian poet. Those catchable, edible bubbles sound so cool!!

Samantha and Kirsten are from the American Girl book series (they also have dolls that match them) Each girl is from a particular time and has six books.

Happy Thursday!

Hmm. You've got me thinking. There's a lot in this list to digest. Thanks! I love to stretch my brain.

Fascinating story of the Russian poet. I hope she gets the treatment she needs! Happy TT and thank you for stopping by :)

I also would use my fork even if it fell on the floor although I have no home grown potatoes, but I know who walks in my kitchen, with slippers ! Except of course the 20 paws which walk here too !

I have quite a lot of plastic bags too in my kitchen. I seem to need them for things.......I wish I could get rid of them. Any suggestions? xox
PS I can not believe how grown up Byrce is. I just went down memory lane with his pics.

PPS I want catchable bubbles too.

I now use two reusable grocery shopping bags that fit easily in my pocket book. The plastic bags I do get I can bring to the Harvest Moon for reuse. I think your recycling center should take them too.

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