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Moon Date

Standing under the dogwood tree, I place myself so that the brightest star in the sky is aligned with the top of the biggest fur tree, making it look like Christmas. The moon looking on is a bald-headed profile in need of a fedora. I stare for a long time, like watching a clock that doesn't flinch. It will take nights of watching before it will wink, turn its face to see me.


I sounds like you are welcoming the beauty all around you. I bet that cold mountain air felt really nice!!

The wind has stirred and is like a mythical companion. The sun during the day has been a comfort. Joe and I have a nightly date to look at the moon at 9 p.m.

I saw the same moon and star last night with my wet (from a recent swim lesson) grandson as we hurried in the cool night to the car.

Visualising what you've written made me wished that I was there as well. Just beautiful and this actually stirred my creative senses. Thanks!

What Tabor said!

Geeze, I meant what Charles said!!

Don't you just love the moon? Imagine living on Jupiter! xo

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