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13 The Meltdown

13mel.jpg1. Last week my cursor starting typing everything backwards – from right to left. It felt like driving a car around that would only go in reverse.

2. Looking out the window after just waking up, I thought it had snowed before realizing that white tail deer fur was scattered all over the yard compliments of our dog Jasmine.

3. And then it really did snow, so much so that my flight to Boston was canceled.

4. This was a comment I left at Netchick’s Meet and Greet when my cursor was cursed: !! sdrawkcab gnihtyrve gnipyt si rosruc yM

5. Take the S out of CURSE and you have a CURE.

6. You can build a Ben and Jerry’s snowman HERE

7. But THIS one is better with 25 hats and more to play dress up with.

8. Speaking of ice cream: Occasionally there are perks that come with doing interviews for stories. In the past couple of years some of mine have included a CD, a facial, a concert ticket, and a cotton grocery bag. Lately it’s been dairy products. I was gifted some cheese while working on a story about a local cheese maker. That was followed by a story on a creamery in which Butter Crunch ice cream was involved.

9. The cheese maker story that I wrote for Natural Awakenings of Southwest can be read at their online site (click on magazines and March) complete with sound effects as you turn the page HERE.

10. When I was a kid I distinctly remember worrying about Peter Rabbit getting caught in Mr. McGregor's garden and about Frosty the Snowman melting. I was glad when SHE melted though.

11. As a child I was very taken by the Hans Christian Anderson story The Snow Queen. The combination of it being a deeply layered fairytale with the fact that it was the only story I remember my father reading aloud to me made it a formative experience, which is probably why it showed up later in poetry.

12. A broken piece of glass embedded in our sight … holds us hostage to bitterness … Shame cuts // as does a sharpened wit or pen … slash by slash the Druid’s Ogham … worn by time tells the story … He was saved from the Snow Queen … because somebody loved him … and because he finally was able to cry … out the glass // which was really a mirror … But his red shoes remain lost … down the river … I didn’t know then that my ancestor’s had no shoes … I didn’t learn that in school ~ From The School of Higher Learning, a 1999 poem about my Irish ancestry.

13. Unlike me THIS Loose Leaf Notes blogger is not very talkative.

Go HERE before they melt.


My brother-in-law's first vehicle was a truck that for a while ran only in reverse. And my sister still married him!

It's like you had a Language Translator into Hebrew! All writing Right To Left, only in English....LOL!
A rich TT, my dear, as always!

hehehe we're not melting :-) Unless...someone throws water on us ;-)

Butter Crunch...YUM!!!

I like the backwards cursor thing...but it would have driven me nuts!

"The Snow Queen" is one of my favorite stories as well. Very weird about your cursor!

Hmmmmm, odd cursor. What's up with that you wonder. And then, #4 took talent. LOL, I'd still be working on typing words backwards if I tried.

My 13 is up now, if you'd like to take a break from your everyday chores...come on over for a visit, and have a great Thursday.

I liked it when she melted too!

Regarding #8: I love dairy products so much that I would have written a piece for free if cheese and Butter Crunch ice cream were involved. Yum.

Another Great TT.
I think the other loose leaf notes blogger is different. Maybe she forgot to blog or quit. xo

Very creative and clever!
Thanks for the build-a-snowman links. My pre-schooler will enjoy those!

Hmm. You've given me some things to ponder. Thanks.

That is so weird...typing backwards. Never heard of the glitch. I would go crazy!

My cursor typed backwards a while, too! Turns out, it was a Firefox issue, and we had to download the latest version. Sigh. Maybe writing backwards would make some of my musings more interesting!

How curious! Did you write an entire novel backwards? That just sounds like you! ;)

I do love these. I remember 'one fish, two fish' but that's about it. I do love the snow queen.

funny computers. mine has never tried that trick.You can make it go upsidedown tho. http://www.sherv.net/flip.html

a deer on the lawn and then snow? yeesh. almost time to stay in bed with pillow on head.

A deer and snow. Interesting.

Deer and snow. They kind of go together, like mac and cheese!

My cursor did that a few days ago! I have no idea why. I restarted comp and all was ok, but for a moment I thought it was a virus or something.

Great TT as usual!

Who could forget the end of the wicked witch? Hard to believe the whole thing is less than two minutes long.

Your thirteen were a good read. If I was to be nitpicky, "gnihtyrve" should have been "gnihtyrEve" - where's a backwards spell checker when you need one?

This was fun! Loved all the links. After reading Gregory Maguire's Wicked, I had a totally different take on that scene when the Wicked Witch of the west melts.

That was a most entertaining TT, thank you. That put a smile of my face, thoroughly enjoyable. Loved your poem too. Happy TT! :)

Re: #8 - The only thing I've ever gotten from being interviewed was a headache and the occasional cup of coffee... if I was lucky!

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