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Faces of Floyd

300 works in the Floyd Figures Group Exhibit at Jacksonville Center’s Hayloft Gallery set a record. The Faces of Floyd, with so many paintings and drawings of our friends and neighbors, is a history of our community over the past 24 years and a retrospective of a longstanding and well respected group of talented artists, who are also our friends and neighbors.
It wasn’t hard to recognize the subjects in the works, so many of us have modeled for the group over the years. In fact, I modeled for the group in 1989. One of the drawings (a portrait) done at that session has been framed and still hangs in my bedroom. Another, I heard at the artist’s reception last night, was in artist Sue Clinger’s trunk. “I didn’t bring it because I hadn’t gotten your permission and it was a nude,” she said. It was so long ago that I hadn’t remembered that part (and I was fine with it staying in her trunk).
The tables were turned, and I was briefly interviewed by a reporter for the Roanoke Times who wanted to talk to models. But I didn’t say what I meant to. I posed for the group 20 years ago by way of an invite from my friend Isa Maria who was a member at the time. Also, as a single mother of two young sons, I needed the pocket money that modeling earned me, and I knew it would be an interesting experience, which it was. I quickly pointed the reporter to a few more recent models.
I was asked by one of the artists if I would consider posing again. “Okay, but I don’t do nudes anymore,” I said. “I’ll be like my friend Bernie who posed with a guitar, only I’ll pose with a pen and notebook and cup of tea.” She took my phone number.
The 11 artists (some of whom have been meeting to draw together since 1984) are Kate Anderson, Sue Clinger, Dr. Sue Osborn, Pat Woodruff, Renae Taylor, Rick Cooley, Betty Vonrbrock, Toni Lamberti, Chris Youngblood, Catherine Pauley, and Charlotte Atkins. The Artist’s reception attendance was great and probably set another record. It’s an exciting show. With artist’s work grouped together on the walls, the gallery looks like a giant art collage. The exhibit will run through March 21. I can’t wait to go back, soak up some more color, style, and emotion, and see a few old framed friends.

Post notes: To learn more about the show and the Jacksonville Center, go HERE. Floyd Figures Art Group is HERE. Roanoke Time coverage is HERE.


I'll miss getting to it, so glad you brought me a bit of its flavor!

I hope to get some more photos closer up of some of the art. xo

Looks like quite a thriving gallery. I'll pop over to the show site next!

How awesome is that. I loved the drawing of you that you showed. And, the fact that you posed at one just entralls me. It sounds like something I would do...

This makes me want to take an art class again.

As my work currently hangs on a studio wall, I can feel the magic in this entry, Colleen. I am perpetually amazed by the community that surrounds the creative process. I can't wait to confirm my next exhibit. And the next, and...

Thanks for taking this show on the road!

hope to see some zoomed in shots of the art. i love the portrait of you!

Great post, but Byrce is my art. xo

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