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Warning: Dizziness May Occur

Photo booths have come a long way from the ones I remember at Paragon Park, where for a dollar you could get a strip of black and white Polaroid style pictures.
In the Mac computer photo booth with Joe, I realized all my kaleidoscope and fun house mirror dreams.
Joe and I boldly went where no one has gone before in a sort of giddy bordering on queasy way.

Note: Watch Colleen lose it in the Fun House HERE.


Those are loads of fun! I remember those booths--when the fun was limited to crossing eyes, letting on to be choking the best friend, rabbit ears, and the like. These are super!

Being a Jersey girl, I grew up with that stuff and also worked on the boardwalk like you and your sister did at Paragon Park. When I was real little, I lived next to Palisades Park. They had a "freak show," then. I remember there was a cow with many legs sticking out of her side, among other scary things. I also lived in Bayonne near an amusement park called Bergen Point but that's been long gone. And from 7th grade on, I lived near Keansburg Boardwalk and that's where I worked. Such memories. I worked the kids' ferris wheel. But the real coupe was when I got the job in the record stand. I got to blast rock and roll all day and it attracted all the boys!

The Rotor also made me sick.


I miss the old amuse parks but not the Rotor. It made me sick too!

I love those photos! So much fun.

I didn't know that these also had changed with the technology. I knew I could do this on my computer, but didn't have the child in me to implement.

That last one is THE one...reminds me of the lady on the Munsters :-)

I thought I looked like Mrs. Adams on Star Trek!

I agree - the last one is the best - reminds me of some strange movie character - or maybe the Queen of Hearts in Alic In Wonderland. We gave you some love today on our blog...

How fun! Thanks so much for sharing this!

2 silly kids having fun on a cold winter day! much fun - thanks for sharing! :)

What 'kewl' photos! I've never been much for 'fun parks' because I get dizzy and then sick to my stomach all too easily ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Those are great. I am afraid the only "big" amusement park I've ever been to is Lakeside, and Disney doesn't really count.

Lakeside used to be in Salem, for those who don't know or remember.

I love your video. I swear sometimes your voice reminds me so much of Meryl Streep.

there's a poem swirling in there someplace..sk

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