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Thirteen Thursday: The Work and Playlist

IMG_0319.jpg 1. I played THIS song (another personal anthem of mine from the 60’s) on New Year’s Day and had myself a good cry. I was happy for the song’s ability to reach in deeply and make me remember and feel.

2. I also played THIS (the yin to the yang of the previous song) and it made me happy.

3. Hitting the nerve of sadness is like hitting an acupressure point on the body. It hurts and feels so good at the same time and wants to be poked and prodded to break up the stagnation.

4. Ever since I said I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions I keep coming up with some good ones. My latest is I want all the drippy faucets in my house to stop leaking.

5. I’m on the gum diet. That means at night when I have the urge to snack I chew and snap gum and get a real jaw work-out.

6. It’s not too late to make a New Year Resolution. If you can’t think of one, you can be assigned one by clicking HERE.

7. Playing those old Cat Stevens songs from Harold and Maude made me think of Ruth Gordon (who played Maude). I was curious about her and her thick accent, which I knew was familiar to me. A visit to Wikipedia revealed that she was from Quincy Massachusetts, the same city I was born in and 15 minutes from where I grew up.

8. My favorite color is the fiery magenta I see when I close my eyes and hold my face up towards the sun. It's a color I’ve been missing lately.

9. When my son Josh was seven he said, “Mom, people say when you close your eyes all you see is dark but it’s not true. I see all tie-dye stuff.”

10. World’s Tallest Snowman (something else I’ve been missing) is HERE.

11. My real New Year resolution is to clean up my virtual desk top from three years of pictures and video clips that have left little space on my hard drive. So that ought to keep me busy.

12. Now that I’ve been to Cirque du Soleil, the next show on my bucket list of entertainment is to see the amazing PILOBOLUS live. HERE’s an amazing tribute to New York that I watched them perform on Conan O’Brien last week.

13. And THIS is my kind of teapot poetry.

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You realize, of course, that I just spent entirely too much time clicking and grinning. I wonder if my kids are old enough for Harold and Maude, or if would give them ideas for practical jokes that could give me a heart attack.

Aah, Cat Stevens! Love his music!
My new resolution: "I will start petting the cat once a week". LOL, that's an easy one; I do it much more often! :)
Thanks for visiting my TT!

I am resolved not to resolve anything except to maybe get a pack of gum and see if your diet can work for me.

Thanks for the link to the snowman. He's one cool dude.

Great list. What fun to recall the brilliant observations of our children. Thanks for keeping up the TT traditions.

The gum trick is also used by my kids to keep their weight down. It seems to work for them as they look great. I never saw Harold and Maude as we must have been living overseas...I lost a whole decade of U.S. culture...maybe not such a bad thing, but I think I would have liked that show.

I love Josh's observation. I see "all tie-dye stuff" too when I close my eyes. Quite psychedelic...

I liked your son's observation and that gum sorta works for me too -- I can't get to the TT link, I must have missed something, can you shed any light on that for me?

I feel (#3) the same way as you do about the song "Trouble"!
We loved that song and it is so depressing.
We have grown so much when you think about, I don't think we would view the song the same way if we heard it today.
Remember "Soloing" one of the first books of poetry that you wrote. I took that out the other day and had a good cry for myself. xo
PS I really like Pilobolus too! In a way it is like Blue man group with the optical illusional stuff.

I listened to Trouble over and over when I was working the night shift taking care of the man with no legs and in the midst of a major clinical depression due to Hashimotos thyroid. Part of my tears was remembering that and the sadness around loss of youth and the past in general. Life is so bittersweet with so much loss and I hadn't heard that song in a decade.

happy tt! isn't it amazing how the music can take us right back to another time? sometimes, it's almost as though we never left...

I love the last video. Great list! Happy T13!

Good resolution to eat gums (and make bubbles) and that we keep the TT !

I was a huge fan of Cat Stevens for many a year and many a song. I often wonder what became of him.
So glad to see that you are keeping the Thursday Thirteen alive. I sense that many others are as well.

thanks for the memories. made me consider watching harold and maude again. wonder how it would affect me now.

i love pilobolus, too! the elephant is my fav.

I think a new year without drippy faucets is an excellent idea!

Happy TT. I'm going to continue the tradition as well.

Man, how I loved Cat Stevens...it's no wonder I loved Harold and Maude, too (I swear, it shaped my philosophy of life, since I saw it when I was 14) and I loved Ruth Gordon and her biography, "My Side: The Autobiography of Ruth Gordon" was so interesting!

Lots of love today :-)

and fitting, my resolution from that site you directed us to was this:

Here is what I resolve for the coming year! I will start dating people from the Internet every day. Um...not LOL!

Colleen, do you know if anyone has taken up the T13 ball and run with it?

Cat Stevens gave up his career, converted to Islam and became Yusuf Islam. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_Stevens

Here's a link to more TTers. http://aliceaudrey.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/13-people-who-did-thursday-thirteen-last-week/#comments

Harold and Maude. :)

Now I'm thinking that I should organize my e-mail box. Sounds like a good resolution.

Nice list. Glad others are keeping TT alive.

I had never seen or heard of Pilobolus - VERY cool! Did I tell you that your post about Cirque gave me the idea to purchase tickets for my mom for X-Mas? They just went to see it last weekend in NYC - can't wait to hear how they liked it.

As always...A "rich" popouri(?)......HAROLD & MAUFE...Such a wonderful film....Bud Cort was a friend waaaaay back before H&M.....He should have had a much richer career...He is Sooo talented!
I love both those songa, Colleen.

I've never seen Harold and Maude but I got caught up in your clip. The music was nice. I love (and need) to sit and have a good cry sometimes. Not crying much in life means that a sad movie or song needs to break all that stuff up inside my heart and set it free again.

Thanks for the flashback to Cat Stevens. Love his music. I started the photo project on my computer over break. Tedious, but a great sense of accomplishment.

Lovely quote by your son. Happy New Year!

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