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Just Your Average Morning in Outer Space

1. Breakfast in Space
2. Don’t forget to brush.
3. The Class Picture (notice the astronauts holding themselves down and the woman astronaut’s hair flying up).
4. Gravity-free Recess

Post notes: The above photos were emailed to my sister Trish whose brother-in-law is Astronaut Stephen Bowen (pictured in the first photo on the right). Stephen emailed them from the Space Shuttle Endeavour to his wife Saturday morning, who then emailed them to Trish, who emailed them to me and our other siblings.

Watch the space tool bag float in space with the earth below HERE. That’s Stephen on the right of Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. For more posts and photos on the spaceflight click HERE and HERE. And send all best wishes to the crew for a safe flight home next Saturday.


Hello, Michele sent me this time...

Oh, you are too lucky to have someone in the "family" in outer space...how cool is that!!!

I just this minute was watching an interview with the four in red shirts on NBC Nightly News...

That is so cool! I mean space is anyway, but to be so close to someone who is actually experiencing it... way cool.

Michele sent me because she must know that I never know what to expect - or where it may come from.


How amazing to know someone spending time in Space!

This is so cool and to have a blogger in the family to put it all out there is even cooler. ox

How exciting to actually know someone who is up in Space....! It still ALL seems like a Major Miracle to me!

I honestly think I would die of anxiety and confinement. I guess that is why they have all those tests before you are allowed up!

How fascinating! What a tremendous thing, to know someone who has been in space!

This is seriously, seriously cool. I know someone who knows someone who is in space right now.

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