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Apple Picking

You’re golden
I’m red delicious
Basking in the sun’s
October glory
You’re Adam
I’m Eve
Fallen from the hold
of daily duties
Love is the fruit
freely given

Post notes: You can see the same tree in photo #4 full of blossoms in the spring HERE. Apple picking plays a big role in Joe’s and my life and was the scene around which we met twenty-two years ago. You can read more about that HERE. See photo #1 come to life HERE.


Another great flick of Colleen Redapples. xo

"Love is the fruit freely given"-- love this! I want to paint a picture about this sentence.

Apple picking time already? I think this is the third picking of pictures I've been around here for. Seasons are on fast forward.

Yes, but we skipped a year. http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2007/11/a_fall_from_grace.html Last year there were no apples due to an early spring freeze. This spring we hiked down to see the blossoms and make sure all was right in the apple world.

The fruit of the spirit is love...
I love apple picking, but alas we have none this year

Apples are the most perfect fruit. Fiber, sugar, sweet. My recently-passed great aunt ate an apple every day and swore it kept her healthy. She was 88 so maybe there is something to it.

How Fallish and Fun! :-)


This made me want to sing the song, "I'll be with you in apple blossom time!"

Your "picking' day is a love story, no matter how the apples fall! Abandoned orchards, ripe apples, sweet juice, warm sunshine, soft blankets, wildlife peeping around corners...

The only way to live these 2 posts. Gotta love that coconut palm below hahaha

So glad that you and Joe found a gracious plenty apples this year. Looks like there will be lots of apple crisps in the oven for those cool autumn nights!

Always love your photo captions, you are so imaginative and poetic.

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