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The October Porch Vacation

potat.jpgMud on potatoes dries to dirt in the sun, spilling from a bucket like a cornucopia overflowed. In the garden, a few tomatoes struggle to turn red but only make it to bright orange – the same color as the potted mums on the porch table, a $3 grocery store purchase for October’s yearly anniversary.

The dog is lapping water from her bowl. A muffled dishwasher hum from the kitchen, like the breeze that hushes through the trees, promises a crisp new beginning. Crickets hang on, drone a fading song, as I fill an empty notebook page with words. Then, lifting my eyes, I watch an oak leaf in mid air rocking like a cradle as it silently floats to the ground.

Post note: No produce was harmed in the making of this post and the just-dug potatoes shown are all natural and un-posed.


Do you keep the potatoes in a cellar? My folks used to do that, but they lived in dry Colorado, so it was easy to keep them through the winter.

Always love your porch vacations, so peaceful.

Love, "an oak leaf rock like a cradle as it silently floats to the ground".
What a great price for those big mums!
I love fall...everything is slowing down..kind of suspended animation. Time enough to savour it!

what a lovely fall day you share here. wish those potatoes were ours! our tomatoes are doing the same thing yours are, but you have had a summer filled with red tomatoes in your hot, east coast location. we have had only 6 red ones all season! the vines filled with green ones may end up ripening in our kitchen window.

I have kept potatoes from the garden till March on one occasion. I keep mine in a cupboard in the cellar but the woodstove is also down there so it doesn't always work. We keep talking about digging a root cellar, a hole in the ground with a cover.

That was a lovely post! Brightened my day a lot. Love the way you string words together.

Those potatoes look awesome! I love potatoes - fixed anyway!!!

Fried Orange Tomatoes!
Come see me... your in my post today!

Beautiful words and a Beautiful picture to go with them. You are a true poet, Colleen!

And like a writer, I've reworked the ending to this post about six times through-out this day!

I feel as if I am there myself. Such soothing words and colours.

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