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Citizen Activism

I stumbled upon this scene, a constructive use of a weekend afternoon, while in town for my writer’s circle on Sunday. After hearing from a friend in the Café Del Sol that some people were holding up Obama signs in the Courthouse parking lot, I jogged down to see for myself.
In the five minutes I was there, I witnessed a sale and a couple of horns honking in support. I snapped a few pictures, and before leaving, I bought four Obama for President bumper stickers, which I shared with the other three women who attended the writer’s circle. I think they forgave me for being late.

Note: There is a Democratic Rally planned for Friday October 24, 6 p.m. at Floyd’s Sun Music Hall. Musicians and special guests will be featured.


I want one of those bumper stickers!!

I have a bunch of Obama Pins and I'm giving them to any and ALL who come by my house! I PRAY HE WINS!

wonderful what one can happen upon. good to see people taking an interest in being active in politics. it can't only be a rich man's sport for democracy to keep progressing.

I agree with pearls comment. So much for the world hangs in the balance.

I thought of you last night while watching ABC Nightly News, they showed a map of the swing states - Virginia being one, and said all it would take was for one of those states to go Democratic and Obama would win. So good luck with your endeavors! I am discouraged that Georgia will end up being a red state once again, but we still gotta get out there and vote!

Look at everyone wearing shorts and enjoying all that sun. Sadly our short-days are history up here in Canada. We Canadians are watching your American election with much interest.

We're having our Indian Summer ...mixed with a little global warming, perhaps.

I have my bumper sticker in my car window. I have a t shirt but in this particular area I am kind of afraid to wear it. Not that I don't want to be an activist but I don't want to be attacked either. I've got some nut jobs down here.

Deana! I feel the same way. I'm debating whether to wear my Obama t-shirt tomorrow. I'm scared. People are rabid around here about McCain. I ordered a bumper sticker for my truck but I got one that says, "Veterans for Obama." I figure if someone who hates Obama sees it, he might think twice before vandalizing my truck if he thinks I'm a veteran. Pretty bad. In my neck of the woods, south of Smith Mountain Lake, I have only seen ONE Obama sign but dozens and dozens of McCain signs. Every Obama supporter needs to vote.

I've always thought bumper stickers are a reflection of odd judgement. Does anyone care what your politics are? If so, should it be displayed on a vehicle? Should I put something like, "The surge worked beyond his wildest dreams" or "I have a degree, now I can be President" in view of other drivers? Clearly, this method can't actually change someone's voting behavior.

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