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Cheap Date

wdbeer.jpg The Wedge Brewing Company is the latest addition to the Wedge Studio building, a renovated warehouse in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, where ClaySpace, the pottery studio and gallery that my son Josh Copus founded, is also housed. I was already buzzed from the brew tasting when I made my final decision and ordered an amber pint of “Golem.” I might have been warned by the beer’s name or the description of it on the beer list, which read, “a wicked and dangerously drinkable Belgium Pilsner …juicy and spicy.” But it wasn’t until I had partaken nearly half of it and realized I was drunk that I noticed in the write-up that the beer I had chosen had a 9% alcohol content, almost double what most beers have.

Joe got the 6.8% “Community Porter,” named for my son’s BFA Community brick art installment, which has grown into an ongoing art performance. wdbackX.jpg
Bricks from that show, made by Josh with the word COMMUNITY stamped on them, have been finding there way all over the country and world. A COMMUNITY brick was set in with others in the brew pub’s brick wall. Meanwhile, an old scratchy “Ella Fitzgerald Sings Cole Porter” record was playing on the turntable. Joe struck up a conversation with another beer tasting customer and I was babbling to the bartender about the poetry of beer and how beer tasting is like tea tasting and that designing brews might be like making perfume.

I meant to take my beer to one of the outside tables under a tree alongside the train tracks. I wanted to enjoy the evening scene and take some pictures of the wrought iron sculpture that framed it, but the bartender changed the album and I was busy singing the Beatles “Come Together” while reading the poetic descriptions of brews on the list. Joe’s Community Porter was described as: English-styled robust golden malt hops with the flavor of carob and coffee. The words bubblegum, burnt sugar, and chocolate also showed up on the brew menu.

Later, still high on Golem, we stopped for a dance to John Meyer in a parking lot before meeting up with Josh. There, I said to Joe, “This is a lot of fun for the price of a $3.50 beer.”


I loved Asheville, NC. I've been there twice, and it's so serene.

I do remember last time I went to a (mini) keg party, they had Belgium beer and they kept warning of the alcohol content to which I replied "I usually drink wine; this is nothing". And proceded to get drunk. It was lovely. :)

Via Michele's, thanks! Glad you had fuN!

Have you tried framboise? It's not cheap, but it is interesting - comes in a bottle with a cork and a wire fastener - somewhat like champagne is bottled. I'll be in Asheville in early November - I should stop in at that place!

I've had some doppelbocks with a wire fastened cork. I recommend The Wedge and while you're there don't forget to stop by ClaySpace and visit my son or one of his fellow potters.

how far is thi s from your home??I have many crafty friends out that way??

It's a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive to Asheville. And yes, there are A LOT of creative people there.

LOL, LOL.....Drunk on half a beer....WOW! That "Gollum" stuff is powerfully lethal! There is a play in either Yiddish or Hebrew called "The Gollum"....I saw it when I was about 15 and it was about a very scary creature....That Beer seemed aptly named! LOL!

And as you know, Colleen, I have one of Josh' Bricks....But it just sits in a place of Honor, and is NOT part of any building...! I am pleased to have it and to know that thoss Bricks are having such a great Further-Life!

gosh, that sounds like so very much fun! Thanks for sharing your date!

Gollum is also the name of a creepy character in Lord of the Rings ... see here http://www.ewallpaper.ru/Img/gollum.jpg He's ugly and not to be trusted. I wonder who got named first the story creature or the play.

I thought of you, Naomi, when I saw the brick there and at a friend of Josh's where we watched the debate. He told me that a friend tried to take one home on a plane twice, but it wouldn't pass security!!

I wish I'd gone by his space when we were visiting.

I haven't been "tiddly" in ages (thanks to hot flashes - no alcohol passes my lips these days), but thanks for telling us about your "high" - I have feel I have vicariously imbibed.


Colleen, We are homebrewers traveling to VA in Mid Oct and possibly Floyd and were wondering if you can suggest any places for good beer and food. We live in the Catskill mountains of NY near Woodstock and are trying to find like in VA. Sally

Check out the Shooting Creek Brewery: http://www.shootingcreekbrewery.com/
Their blog is here: http://shootingcreekbrewery.com/blog/
Also the Chateau Morrisette Winery:http://www.chateaumorrisette.com/

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