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The Johnster Cooks Lobster

What can top a Boston Swan Boat Ride? How about an all you can eat Lobster dinner? This one was caught and is being cooked by my fisherman brother Johnny.
John thinks the green tomalley (liver) is the best part. “What are these little red things? Are they eggs? I thought caviar was black,” I ask. John lines the table with newspaper and adds a dash of vinegar to the melted butter. It kills me that my mother had to buy corn of the cob when I know how much is in my garden back home as we speak (with our mouths full).
Lobsters are aggressive and territorial. John had to tape the claws down because one bit him. He says the lobstermen call the small ones “bugs” and that they have blue blood like horseshoe crabs. Later that night, I did some research and learned that long ago lobsters were so plentiful that Native Americans used them to fertilize their fields and to bait their hooks for fishing. During colonial times they were considered “poverty food” and were fed to prisoners, and indentured servants. Lobsters grow throughout their lives. They can get as big as 40 pounds and live for more than 100 years. Although rare, blue and albino lobsters have been caught.
When I see a lobster I think of a cartoon character and grown men in bibs.

Video clips: John does a Nixon impersonation using a live lobster HERE. The all you can eat Lobster fest on my mother’s porch. Caution: slippery when wet with butter HERE.


oh my and you ate the whole thing?? I see lots of fun going on ...my friends arethere now also boo hoo whining me ,,sandy

Colleen, this so reminds me of lobster feasts we used to have down in Cape Breton. My uncle, Mac trapped the lobster and boiled them up and they were slapped down on newspaper-laden picnic tables. Everyone had a big knife and little bowls of melted butter, vinegar and mayo were scattered along the tables. It was divine!

These days, my animal-rights sensibilities have me torn. When I see the lobsters in supermarkets all heaped one on the other awaiting their cruel demise, I vow never to eat it again, BUT can I really not do?

Incidentally, I wrote a poem about a large lobster rescued from this fate in a store in Halifax. You can read it here:


That looks so good! I've enjoyed all your photos of your family and the bright red lobsters! I have a glass one called "Pierre" on our eccletic shelf in the living toom. I just find them fascinating creatures.

Ah … you’re making my mouth water with this sumptuous lobster feast!
Hugs and blessings,

thanx for the sights and sounds of johnny and sherry and your muthah... i was right there with you on the porch. i love con too.
in fact i just ate some con from bryce's daddy's mama's garden.
see ya tamara

I love lobster. That history is really interesting - it's not a poor man's main course nowadays!

OH YUMMMMMMMM! Growing up with New England lobster, guess we never lose our taste for it, do we?
Your mom looks SO sweet.....loved the video and really enjoyed hearing about your trip home.

Oh yum...count me in! I remember going to my first crab picking dinner at VaBch with Judy. Crab, corn on the cob, Hanover tomatoes. But so little meat for a lot of effort. Give me lobster any day! By the way, you look very much at home...

Oh, you lucky dog!! I love lobster, but there's no way I would pay what they want for it here.

I didn't get to enjoy the lobster dinner (darn) because I had a marathon work week but thankfully I did get to spend some good time with you Col.
Miss you already!

i want the vacation you are having! the feast sounds and looks so delicious! so glad you have this time with family and friends. mine are so far away! :(

i have heard the tomalley can contain lots of toxins. i would be afraid of it.

I've heard that too and I also don't like the idea of boiling them alive.

I used to live in a town where all the guys were lobstermen. Sadly, back then I didn't like lobster. Of course I learned to love it after I moved away. Life is just not fair!

Sorry to report but we're having corn-on-the-cob tonight from the neighbor's garden. So take that, you and your lobster, lol.


I felt the same way as you Coll, about boiling them alive. I was told you could hear them squeel by Nelson & Andrew. Of course they fibbed and that wasn't true.
My neighbor brings them over at least twice a week now in the summer, because his family doesn't like lobster and they are free of charge. But I never put them in the water. I love them sauteed in butter too. xo
PS I could feel your greasiness when you told Ma you couldn't hold the camera.

Ah lobster. I am going to miss the fresh lobsters when I leave France, should I stay for the lobsters alone? Is a lobster in the pot worth more than a new job in England? It's a close call!

It was one of John's perks from being fisherman. Free to me.

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