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13 From the Life Guard Stand

bbtt13.jpg 1. In a pinch when I’m at the beach without a notebook, I can write in the margins of a clam box menu using my flip flop sandal for a desk.

2. Compared to the crowds here at Bethany Beach, Delaware, where we’re visiting Joe’s family, and Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts, where I was recently visiting mine; Nantasket was practically deserted, but Bethany is better for swimming because the water is so much warmer.

3. At a certain hour in the evening the whole town goes out for ice cream cones, like every kid rides a boogie board at the ocean during the day.

4. The woman who goes up and down the beach looking for coins with a metal detector reminds me of someone feeling for change in the back of the cushions of a couch.

4. I’m starting to want to learn lifeguard sign language.

5. On the sixteenth day of my two state beach vacations, I woke up and said to Joe, “Woe is me. Another day to spend on the beach and the sun is shining.”

6. When I was in Hull, I was reading from an old box of letters that my mother gave me, sent to my dad when he was in the army during WWII. If I wasn’t convinced that my Irish grandparents were poets, the letter they wrote to my dad convinced me. It was signed: “Oceans of Love and a Kiss on each Wave, Ma and Pa.”

7. The waves are so much bigger in Bethany than they are in Nantasket. When they’re really high, I have to carefully plot my way past the breakers and into the ocean, like I navigate my bike across the highway during traffic.

8. I bought a new “Miracle Suit” at 70% off at the Rehobeth Outlet Mall. Will I be able to walk on water now?

9. Watching a father run into the ocean to save his young daughter from a giant wave wipe-out, brought tears to my eyes.

10. Joe was reading this out loud from “Wise Heart” by Jack Kornfield: “Each time we meet another human being and honor their dignity, we help those around us. Their hearts resonate with ours in exactly the same way the strings of an unplucked violin vibrate with the sounds of a violin playing nearby. Western psychology has documented this phenomenon of “mood contagion” or limbic resonance. If a person filled with panic or hatred walks into a room, we feel it immediately, and unless we are very mindful, that person’s negative state will begin to overtake ours. When a joyfully expressive person walks into the room, we can feel that state as well.”

11. Next, he read about the Dalai Lama staying in a hotel for dignitaries while visiting San Francisco. “When it was time to leave he told the hotel management that he wanted to thank the staff in person, as many as wished to meet him. So on the last morning a long line of maids and dishwashers, cooks and maintenance men, secretaries and managers made their way to the circular driveway at the hotel entrance. And before the Dalai Lama’s motorcade left, he walked down the line of employees, lovingly touching each hand, vibrating the strings of each heart,” Kornfield wrote.

12. Watching dolphins from the beach is always a treat, even though they look like sharks. When I first saw whales off the coast off Provincetown a few years ago, I learned how the saying ‘I was floored' came about because I was so overwhelmed at the awesome sight of them that I literally dropped down to the floor.

13. The Bethany Beach experience is not complete until we: 1. Get an overflowing tub of hand-cut, peanut oil fried French fries. 2. Walk or ride our bikes downtown for an ice-cream cone on the boardwalk. 3. Buy a new toy in the toy store like THIS one. Jaws on the beach video Here.

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It's Wednesday at 9:30ish. How is this post dated Thursday, August 21 at 10:37 pm in my bloglines? I always knew you had a touch of magic to you. ;-)

Must be that "miracle bathing suit."

Truth is, I post dated the Thursday part, but don't know why the time is off. Says 9:07 above.

I #8 works out, let me know where to get one of those swimsuits ;)
Happy TT!

Greets Julia

How does one honor someone's dignity? Ahhhh, a beach vacation...I miss the beach!

I so love the beach! Happy TT.,

#1 shows real dedication to writing!

These are lovely musings. A great 13!

There is a special sign language for lifeguards? Neat.

Great list...Happy TT.

#10 #11 were my favorites.

Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

What is a mircle suit? Does it make one look younger?

The reference to honoring the dignity in others came after the listing of the first principle of Buddhist psychology: See the inner nobility and beauty in all human beings. I think that's what Kornfield means by honoring the dignity in others.

Click on the link to the Miracle Suit. Suppose to make you look ten pounds lighter just by putting it on.

Beaches are such lovely places and you are blessed to visit them when you can! The pics are great too. Nice TT.

You can visit my TT here.

Beaches are such lovely places and you are blessed to visit them when you can! The pics are great too. Nice TT.

You can visit my TT here.

Hey Coll, Does the miracle suit make you look 10lbs lighter?
I miss my beach days. I miss you already. xo

Kornfield's picked up some useful tidbits. Like any story of Dalai Lama. How to cultivate others so they expect such good of us, giving what they want to get like that?

“mood contagion” or limbic resonance. Interesting. I use the words "energy fields" for the same.

I believe everything in existence is connected like one fabric. If you pull a thread in one place the whole thing weakens. If you bang your toe gets infected your whole body suffers with it, not just the toe.

The bathing suit fits great and maybe shaves of 5 pounds but after awhile it feels a bit like wearing a girdle. I miss you too..Hull and all.

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I hope the "Miracle Suit" works for you. And, you're right - your grandparents were poets. What a wonderful way to end a letter!

Happy TT!

You've had such a wonderful summer. I admire the way you've just rolled with everything while holding your own. Is your ankle 100% healed?? I hope so. How's the garden?

Ankle is healed. Came home to the end of summer and lots of produce to harvest, which is what I'm doing right now. More to come...

I so want to be where No. 3 happens, Colleen! What a great post.

I miss the ocean. Luv to swim & luv the waves!!! Have yet to see a whale! And... Luv u

My heart swells at 6 10 and 11 what flavor did you get?? sandy

I couldn't decide on one. So I got two scoops, butter pecan and heath bar crunch. Good thing my new Miracle Bathing suit makes me look ten pounds lighter.

Nothing is more inspiring than sitting on the beach and watching the sea ! Unfortunaly the weather here in Belgium is so cold and rainy this summer that I have to fly away to get some sunshine !

What a summer you've had! I loved the ending of your family letters. Poets indeed. Looks like you know where you got yours from, anyway...

what a beach! Didn't see jaws though....

That is a poetic end to a letter indeed. My grandfather's family was Irish way way way back.

What's heath bar crunch flavour then?

Chocolate covered toffee with vanilla ice cream. Yum.

wow - that sounds delicious!

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