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Pink Floyd is Turning Blue

1. Here in Floyd, we have Old-Time Bluegrass Pickin’
2. And Blue Ridge Parkway views
3. Another kind of blue perspective
4. Another kind of pickin'

Photos: 1. A street scene from the Friday Night Jamboree last week. 2. The Saddle Overlook, near where we live. 3. My favorite summer sun dress (from Winter Sun), as seen through my reading glasses. 4. Last night I picked two tubs of blueberries from our garden.


How I love blueberries! They are my absolutely favourite berry - and so good for you too. We used to pick them on Cape Breton island when went down for a visit in the Summertime.
Like your dress! (Your "overlook" is spectacular. I envy you.)


We used to pick them wild on Cape Cod with my grandmother. They are my son Josh's favorite and I used to make him a pie for his July 10th birthday when he lived at home. Here is my blueberry poem about that and an excerpt: http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2005/07/a_blueberry_pie.html

As I search the bowl of blueberries
for the bluest black ones
I remember "4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie"
"Hush little baby don't you cry"
and my son arranging battles
between blueberries and grapes
The blueberries always lost because he ate them

Those shots really give a taste of Floyd!

Blueberries!!! I love blueberries!!! Nice photos - great theme...btw - love your dress (batiks make me very happy - especially in a quilt!!!)

Those blueberries look yummy. They are one of my favorites.

Oh how I miss YOUR blueberries. They look delicious this year. xo

we don't have many blueberries this year for some reason. last year we had so many. we had a couple of very late cold spells and one late snow this spring. i wonder if this affected the bloom buds like it does with hydrangeas. do you know? so sad!

now if virginia will just be a "blue" state we will all be in business! :))

Beautiful blue pictures.

Wow, I wish I had some of those blueberries!


Blue state, yes! We are turning purple at least and have an excellent Democratic governor and senator.

Last year we had a late freeze that killed the apple tree blossoms and so we got not apples, but my blueberries were fine. So maybe a freeze would effect them but at a different time of spring. Not sure.

I love it when you do these photo-poems!

Also, regarding the picture mosaic, if you visit Chapter Next and look at hers, she's got links to the mosaic website. It's just a website that you have to join (free) and then the set up of the mosaic is SUPER easy. Just basically finding the photo on flickr, copying the url, and pasting it into a ready-made box.

I'd love to see your photo mosaic!!

I love the blue theme... the blueberries look yummy!

Such a beautiful view you must never tire of!

"Twin Picks"??

"I Found My Thrill....!!!"

"Life is Just a Bowl of The Blues!"

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