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The Barrel House Mamas Album Cover

I wasn’t able to attend their concert at the Winter Sun Hall last night, but I did meet up with the Mamas today for some puppy petting at the Humane Society’s 6th annual “Stand up for Strays,” where I was taking photos for the Floyd Press. And Joe and I hooked them up for some down home pond swimming at Zephyr Farm before they headed back to Asheville. They were on their way to dive off the dock when I stopped them for this photo shoot. “It’s good enough to be your next album cover,” I said when I previewed the shot. Of course, they may have to cut some people out. Either that or hand them some instruments and teach them to play.

Post notes: The Barrel House Mamas music can be heard HERE. The quartet includes Molly Reed, Jane Kramer Edens, Eleanor Underhill, and Anna Baumann-Smith (my son Josh's girlfriend). My husband Joe (the only man pictured above) is not a Barrel House Mama. Check out Doug Thompson's photo's HERE.


mamas lookin good .It would make a special cover lots of color and vintage folk looking in some ways

Sadly I couldn't get the music but they look a great group and I am a fan of Joe:) Michelelsays hi!

I could and did hear the Barrel House Mamas. They're GOOD. Thanks for the link. (Hope you are mending and feeling better.)

fantastic music! i found some more sites via Google and heard other songs. loved hallelujah! there was a very cute pic of josh and anna at floyd fest under one of the Google links.

hope your being active meant the foot is feeling better.

Yesterday was my first day out after the accident a week ago. It went well. I canceled all events prior so that I could conserve my energy for covering the Humane Society story (via crutches) and then seeing my grandson (3 weeks old now) in the afternoon. Joe and I were signed up to babysit so his parents could go to a wedding. It turned out to be a shot in the arm! Post to follow.

I think the B Mamas are Top Notch too, musically and personally!

Loved the group and your son is so talented and handsome to boot. Hope the injury heals quickly and smoothly. Loved the visit. Michele sent me. Glad she did.

What a great name, Barrel House Mamas. And a great cause, helping stray animals.


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