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Solstice Wedding Outtakes

After the ceremony and before the reception people made prayer flags for Nick and Johanna.
Some went swimming in the pond or sat on the bank sipping lemonade like they were at Ricky Nelson’s Garden Party.
Juniper passed out chocolate chip cookies. Eli massaged my recently injured ankle. Dogs chased sticks and an unattended piano got played.
Four time-capsule jars, to be opened by Nick and Johanna on the future dates marked, were filled with notes from friends and family. Nick is from Massachusetts and Johanna, originally from Germany, lived in Boston (my hometown city) for a time. For the 2013 jar I wrote on a slip of paper, “How many World Series have the Red Sox won now?”
The open mic at the reception proved to be wildly entertaining. Stand-up comedy was ad-libbed, advice was given, love was expressed, and a short story involving a Frisbee was told. I especially enjoyed the Harper’s Index of facts involving Johanna and Nick, read by a group of their friends. My son Josh (pictured above) was just one who spoke at the reception. He reminded the crowd that he and Johanna had gone to the high school prom together and that she was much taller than him. “It was before my growth spurt,” he said. See a video clip HERE.
One of my favorite parts of Saturday’s wedding party was watching Johanna’s dad dance (sorry, no photo). A sweet and polite German doctor in a suit, he lost his shoes and stirred things up on the dance floor. Later, I asked his son, Volker, “Is your dad single? Because I’m sure I can hook him up with one of my Floyd women friends, if he’s going to dance like that.” He’s happily married I was told.
Other favorite highlights that put a smile on my face were Staroot’s (Johanna’s mother’s) red polka dot mushroom hat and the fact that Johanna carried a bouquet of red beets down the green aisle.
Congratulations to Nick, Johanna, and their families. Thanks for including us! Photos of the ceremony are HERE.


prayer flags and messages I believe I have heard that before but did not fully resonate. What a lovely spiritual experience and did you wear a hat??I think of you truly in floppy hats since reading about you in the 60's haha Bryce photos I'm in withdrawal and need some .have a good week. sandy

I've neve heard of a prayer flag! Maybe you'll explain...sounds like a wonderful day was had by all!!!

Time Capsule Jars! I love it.
Now.. where I can burry them ... we never stay put long enough! lol
~S :)

Love the time capsul jar idea. That is terrific.

So much wealth here!

Here's a link to more about prayer flags http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prayer_flag It's a Buddhist tradition.

I didn't wear a hat but did wear a flower behind my ear.

i am just so boring and traditional - i have never heard of anything quite like this. fascinating! i am still trying to visualize the bouquet of beets! :) sounds like a wonderful and meaningful celebration was had by all.

Great date choice for a wedding and I love the time capsule idea. I wish I had some to open in the future!

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