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Poet Flip Art

Poet pandemonium
at the VMI Poetry Symposium
The Power of Poetry makes us say Cheese
It rhymes with Please

Post Notes: Left to right, back row first, is (mostly): Kara, Mara, Julie, (and then Noren), Sharon, Sharon's husband. Colleen and Melanie are in front. The first photo also shows VMI Professor Gordon Ball. To read more about The Power of Poetry Symposium, which feature Claudia Emerson and Bruce Weigl, and to view more photos, go HERE and HERE.


i can tell you guys had a blast.... fun eminates from the pictures.

This was when it was over and we were all excited about Mara's win, and also I think it served as a release for all the hard work the Hollins students put forth. Sharon, Melanie, and Julie all participated, giving presentations. Mara and Melanie gave two.

Those are really fun pictures. And congratulations to Mara for her win - that is really fantastic. I am really glad for her - and as a Hollins alum really proud of the quality of students coming out of the college.

Always good to have times like these!

You continue to keep poetry alive and well in your part of the world. This sounds like such a great time.

A buncha poets having WAY too much fun! I once heard someone say poets shouldn't even be allowed to have drivers' licenses as they dawdle, swerve, show up late or not at all...

I beleive this is a real memory keeper - poetry bus how apropos

Fun photos. It looks like a good crew to be among. :)

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