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Body Language

1. My Father’s Nose
2. Teardrops
3. Last Leg
josear.jpg 4. Earshot

Post note: All the above photos were taken while on a walk in the neighborhood with Joe yesterday.


Is that first picture you, my dear? It would make sense that you have your father's nose....! These are interesting photo
s Colleen...I like close-ups and seeing things in great detail...
It looks like you had a lovely walk, my dear, and Michele thinks so too! (lol)

Yes, that's me. When I looked at it, I said out loud, "my father's nose." Joe agreed and said I have his hands as well. I took another close-up of Joe's ear that looked positively erotic (un-postable here). Part two of this post of close-ups will likely be posted tomorrow.

Number 3 is aka "leisure."

Really like those photos...you can be so creative in your photo taking...I need lessons from you...

Those are beautiful.

(and tag, you're it)

What a sensational view those legs have!

I always enjoy so much your photos and their clever captions, Colleen.
And I wouldn't mind being on my last legs with a view like that! :-)

That is Dad's nose for sure. Who is in the last picture? Is that Joey? xo

My Joe. He actually does hold his hand like that on his head. That was not a pose. He didn't know I was shooting.

I also think it looks like John's nose. Not a Wentzell, but a Redman nose for sure.

The view is from the swing chair at our part time neighbor's, a small walk from our house

It is good to have someone who likes to take walks. :-)

Michele sent me. :-)

fun all 3 great camera. what kind of art Lawrence??Tell me about that tree part??

Sandy, click on the link embedded in Gretchen St. Lawrence's name in the story on the arts; it will take you to her website. Excellent art, drawing, paint, and pastels I think.

The tree is a trunk we spotted on our walk. It was in the woods and my eye caught it. Don't know much more. Maybe a chestnut? They all died where they stood from a blight and now only grow to baby size.

I have my mother's nose. :)

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