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Truck Full of Snow

This is the place where a tropical winter vacation picture should be, but instead it’s photo of our truck that just had an $800 repair. Our dog Jazzy is guarding our investment. A couple of hours after I took this shot it started snowing. HERE is the videotape that resulted from that, titled “Truck Full of Snow: AKA This is going to take awhile."


What a beautiful dog!

Michelle says hello!

gorgeous, and I'm sure the tropical holiday will come :)

thanks for popping to see you at my place- I love that you enjoy your community :) and the larger one we call humanity...

michelle's is great, isn't it? :) d

So nice to meet someone else that loves poetry as much as I do! I had just come up with some magnets for writing for my daughters, trying to help them develop a love for writing. I had seen the idea in a book - now I'm facinated with the cocept of using it for poetry! Thanks so much for the idea!

PS I thought spring was around the corner, and today it snowed on us too. Bummer! I'm all for the tropical vacation! :D

Watching your video clip was fun. Wanna go over to Blackberry Ridge and make a video? :-) I'm wondering if there's any way to set up a "nanny-cam" that we could look at from down here... Hope your truck's feeling peppy now.

cool idea hee hee

i have a $600 repair coming up. i've been putting it off, but can't wait much longer. ugh!

Jazzy is beautiful! You've been hiding such a gorgeous dog from your blog!

She's much more of a wild thing than she looks in the photo, usually full of burrs, tangles, rasta dreads and not the most photogenic. She, a sweet chow, is my youngest son Dylan's dog, got left behind when he moved to Roanoke. AKA Jasmine.

OK, so you can sit inside, watch it snow, and sip a pina colada or something fruity with a tiny bright-colored umbrella in it.
Then eat some Mexican food at your new restaurant in town...maybe with a margarita or two?

Not the same as a tropical vacation away, but laugh a lot with each other and enjoy!

A bicycle centered community would be more time in the sun in every sense I guess.

I never really get used to the change - one minute no snow, next minute lots and lots of snow. It still shocks me!

Hey, I tagged you for the message in a bottle meme.

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