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Four Today

1. Upscale
2. Just my type
3. Posers
4. Still for butts

Photos: 1. When the scale hits 120 I jump up and down, not because I’m happy but because I need to burn some calories.

2. The old typewriter donated by a retired Bank of Floyd worker for the Hotel Floyd Writer’s Room spent a few weeks at my house.

3. A Bizzaro Srabble game between Max, Mara, and me recently converged with the Floyd Home Companion play practice. The Young Actors Coop was using the Oddfellas’ logo sign for ad spoof in their radio drama play. The restaurant logo was conceived for Floyd’s oddfella mix of farmers, hippies, and businessmen.

4. A recycled toilet’s new incarnation as an ashtray. Seen in front of Wills Ridge Building Supply in Floyd.


I am going to come up there and smack you if you keep flashing that 120 scale. I haven't seen 120 since my early modeling-pagent days...decades ago....I'd be so happy I think I'd just dance a jig. I'd actually be almost Hollywood good...I think 125 is as low as my healthy weight should be so I'd be in heaven at 120. I'd be too thin for a country girl, I think I'd be a tall 2!

BTW I love the Oddfella's group picture!

Okay, now those are some odd, but great photos! Though I'm oddly reminded that I wanted to paint my toenails...

I have another one called "Downsizing" in which the scale reads 118. At five foot and a pinch 120 is like crossing over to the dark side.

It's always so nice to get to know more about blogger friends!
I really enjoyed the pics and story to go with them!

Thanks, Colleen!


Now that's a butt stop.

cute toes. :)

start a "stop smoking and do some living" campaign in floyd! too many butts there.

The ashtray is a stroke of genius.

The number on the scale, however, is just cause for much envy.

These are all perfect and I can't think of any! Love the Butt pic!

And I'd be happy but rather too skinny at 120! I struggle with getting my weight down to 155 at 5'9" and I always think I'm too fat!

Can't remember the last time the scale read 120; adore the colour of your toenails.

Thanks for the snapshots of your life in Floyd. It seems like such a lively, vibrant community.

That picture pf the Toilet with all the Butts in it is one of the most disgustung pictures I';ve ever seen....UGH! (lol) And to think....38 years ago, MY ashtrays looked justr like that....Good Lord!
The last time I saw 120, people told me I looked like I was Anorexic....! I wasn't, but that's how I looked, to them....That was almost 409 years ago!
Great picture of The Scrabble Group, Colleen!

Colleen, you are mentioned today on my blog, because You Make My Day: http://bonniesbooks.blogspot.com/2008/01/oops-i-missed-bbs-anniversary.html

My doctor thinks I should weigh about 175 pounds because I'm 5'9" tall. I do remember weighing 120 (actually 119), but my doctor back then wanted me to GAIN to at least 140 pounds or more.

Ah, yes, 120....I remember those days...a long time ago. I hope to see that number again...but it will be after I retire. Somehow lifting babies and laundry baskets just doesn't cut the weight!

farmers, hippies and businessmen...
which category do you fit into
or are you beyond categorization?

I love your style

I'm about as much hippie as I am Irish and about as much farmer as I'm German and Swedish. Businessman, nada. Unless you call selling my handmade jewelry at Grateful Dead Concerts to pay for a down payment on my house a business.

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