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familyxmas.jpg The day after my son, Josh, packed up the Home Town Pottery Show pots that had been displayed all over my house, I set up a Christmas card station on one of the newly available table tops.

My policy on Christmas cards is that if I’m going to take the time to send one I want it to be more than well wishes and a signature. I like to use the opportunity to update friends and family, so I usually include a Christmas letter in every card.

But this year my writing has already been spent on stories for publication and entries for the blog. So inside my Christmas cards, I included my business card with my Loose Leaf Notes blog address on it and wrote on the back: My Christmas letter can probably be found somewhere here …

Not wanting the inclusion of the business card to come across as formal and not wanting to exclude those who aren’t online, I also included a photo (taken last Christmas and posted above). As an added feature I wrote a newsy flash on the back: Dylan and his wife Alexis are expecting! Ho Ho and Xo! The baby is due in May.


What happy Christmas news!

What a lovely family! :)

I'm meeting our future in-laws on Friday evening and it seems so strange that the future has arrived already. Especially when I look back at Lauren's baby books. *sigh*
You give me courage as we move forward. ;-)

Congratulations. Happy news indeed.

A great photo and wonderful news. I think you'll be a very good grandmother, Colleen!

congratulations, grandma! :) hehe! what a lovely family...

i got all my cards sent off two days ago. i answered your question about sufjan over at my site. he's a hoot.. peruse his site a little.

Ah yes, so much soul matched with lyrics and voice.

i don't have any of his cd's (yet!)... should have some after santa visits, though. :) i've just listened to him on myspace and youtube. my friends have been raving about him for a couple of years, and i just never had an opportunity to hear him until recently.

i wrote on my facebook site that i've been experiencing transcendence while listening to sufjan stevens... :)

Congratulations! What wonderful news.

Congratulations on your wonderful news!! That will be your best holiday present ever, I'm sure. And a lovely spring baby! My son was born in May and it was perfect.

Wonderful, warm holiday wishes to you and your beautiful family!

Congratulaions Colleen on your wonderful news A Grandbaby in May. My Son and his Daughter were both May Babies,
Wishing you a very Merry xmas and a very happy New Year.

Congratulations, what wonderful news for Xmas! Lovely family picture, merry Xmas to you all!

Your family is growing in leaps and bounds! And I'm not talking about all us Red's, which is too, but your immediate!
If I didn't say congrats on the Link - let me say it now, or again.
Luv ya!
PS What are your xmas plans? Sami is going to Mass. and I am home alone.

I think that is an excellent idea about your link so family and friends...non bloggers can take a look. That way they could keep up with you.

I really do love that picture of you guys and we have one of those card holders so people have been saying "Oh, THAT is Colleen!"...my family and friends feel like they know you! I don't know if I told you that you really do have just a terrible handwriting! I thought you were kidding, I mean you ARE a writer Colleen!!! Too funny.

And when did you announce the big news? I have wanted to congratulate you but I must've missed it here.

I am so dumb...Jessica Simpson has nothing on me. I see it in this post!

Congratulations...you are going to be just a wonderful grandmother. I am very happy for you and your family....And it will be a whole new thing to blog about! Think of all the poems that are going to generate from all this love you have in your heart...

Deana, you got the very first Christmas card I sent out. So you got the news first (aside from my immediate family). As for my handwriting, I think I've done so much writing that I spent my quota. I can't even read it myself.

If your handwriting really is that bad, maybe you should pursue a medical degree? LOL. I agree with you about holiday cards with a newsy update - I really want to hear how my friends and family are faring at this time of year. Sending them to the blog is a great idea.

What a lovely portrait. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for making my blogging experience come alive! Best Wishes, Christine/Xine :)

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