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DANCE is in my DNA

ffddance2.jpgMy friend Luke says I dance like a pollinating bee going for nectar. I dance like I write poetry, freestyle. Sometimes I dance outside the box. With my eyes closed, I may step on your feet. I need room to spin.

I’d much rather dance at a wedding reception than catch the bouquet or eat cake. I’m always hoping they don’t play “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” or spend too much time on The Twist. I dance to the Marcarena but I don’t know the steps. I gave up steps and haven’t used them since dancing at The Surf Ballroom in Hull, Massachusetts, back in the day when slow dancing was a safe way to get close to boys and fast dances had names like The Bump, The Boogaloo, The New Yorker, and The Philly.
I think of dance as my sport. Before going out dancing at night, I make sure to rest during the day. I bring water and a high protein snack and get ready for a dancing marathon because once I get up on the dance floor I don’t sit down until the band takes a break. I don’t have to have a partner. I don’t want to talk or socialize. I land on a spot on the dance floor and then raise enough energy that I begin to orbit. Endorphins are released. It’s hard not to smile. I like to translate music into movement like I translate the world into words.

Post notes: The above was written from a Sunday Scribblings prompt. The photos are of me, Mara, and Joe dancing on the Poet’s Soapbox at Floyd Fest. The action video that will turn you on your head is HERE. My Dance Free Poem is HERE.


every time i come here,, i am enthralled by all that is your "home town"... this was a wonderful post,, and i picture the little get togethers you folks have and you dancing away... just beautiful.....

I'm surprised you all managed to stay on your soapbox. ;) The poem was an entertaining journey, well done. I love the way you dance for you!

Wonderful post! I love that you are so "free" and that it shows in both your dance and your words!

Your dancing sounds intense and free spirited and just plain wonderful! ( as long as you're not dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld!! )

Lovely post. If dancing is a form of expression, shouldn't we are free to dance however he feel? I agree, dance is much more about personal expression than art, at least it is the way I do it.

That's a great thing to have in the DNA. Dance fever levers all yr 1000 body parts.

I wish I liked to dance. If I do dance then I need patterns to follow because I have clumsy feet.

Michele sent me over to say hi.

Energetic! Fun!

When I was younger, had my school offered a major in social dancing, I would have graduated summa cum laude. I was a "Jitterbugging fool" back then. I had the misfortune to marry a man who can't and won't dance. Bah.

Great post. You guys look like you're having so much fun! I've never been to Floyd Fest but I hear it's terrific!

I haven't thought of "the bump" in ages! Enjoyed your post.

I love that you're so free with your dancing.

You have inspired me! It's been WAY too long since I danced with abandon.........don't know why because I love dancing as you describe it. Will have to rectify this......perhaps a New year's resolution......

How can one dance and not feel good......not feel like smiling? Steve Martin used to say that we should teach every depressed person how to play the banjo because you can only play happy music on the banjo.......no dirges there. I think it's the same for dance.......let the expression, let the endorphins, let it all flow out of you!

Great post.

excellent post, specially the third paragraph - that's me too!

Dancing is good for the soul.

Just as long as you dance , dance , dance!!!

love it! i feel the same way about dancing and unfortunately, have very limited opportunities to do it anymore.

What an inner sense you have of dance. I'd love to be as free as you. I'm working on it.

This was a cute post and I enjoyed the dance moves of you three. I had just mentioned today that I liked to pretend my hip joints were damaged by dancing! It makes my body sound less old and more interesting....

I enjoy Jeremiah on the radio cause I like to sing it but I agree it isn't the best dance music! Sweet Home Alabama always gets me on my feet or anything old school hip hop like "You can't touch this!"....now I've got some moves for that one!!!

Pot party - haha. His work is beautiful.

what a great post...yes, that's exactly what it's like...thank you

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