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Once in a Blue Moon

weddingcloseupa.jpg So the girl who never wanted … the gown and veil … who blushes and deflects “congratulations” … becomes the “bride” … not the opposite of groom … but “the tie that connects a pattern of work” … and the “groom” is the care that we give it … Colleen

Every wedding anniversary my husband, Joe, and I threaten to do something fun like throw ourselves a party to celebrate. The truth is that there are years when both of us forget to even notice the date. weddingcloseup2a.jpg In part, it’s because our wedding took place on a blue moon in June. The actual date of that June full moon was less important than the fact that it was the second one that month.

I think we also forget our wedding anniversary because we lived together for 9 years before we were married. During that time we exchanged vows informally in a yearly ceremony we dubbed “United Untied.” weddingroup2.jpg
Our actual wedding took place on the Blue Ridge Parkway in a grove of trees by a rolling overlook view. The idea was to exchange our vows when the setting sun and the rising blue full moon were in the sky together, opposite each other and representative of a great celestial romance.

It was a folk ceremony. There was a Native American Flutist and a South American Machi drummer. Poetry was read. A chalice of elixir was involved, as well as the ceremonial eating of an apple. bluemoon3aa.jpg

Tomorrow is our 10 year wedding anniversary.

“Ten years! We’ve got to do something to celebrate,” Joe insisted.

“Alright,” I conceded. “I’ll post some pictures of our wedding on my blog.”

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.


What beautiful pictures! You looked absolutely radiant in the first picture. I can feel the joy of the day by looking at the last picture.

Happy, happy 10th anniversary!

Everybody's pretty!!!
Congratulations! Wishing many more happy anniversaries to you.

Congratulations on 10 years of marriage -- and nearly 20 as a couple! I have to say in the past few months I've discovered a deeper reverence and appreciation for not only the institution of marriage, but also the amount of effort and strength required by two people -- married or unmarried -- to build a life together.

Here's to many more wonderful years.

Congratulations on your anniversary! In October, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary! We didn't date for 9 years beforehand, but we dated for 9 months before!;) Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!!

I forgot to tell you....you made an absolutely beautiful bride!!!!

Beautiful bride (and groom). Beautiful blue moon ceremony which I'm sorry I didn't get to attend :>( I WILL though be at your son's wedding which is not far away.

Congratulations Colleen and Joe! That is something to celebrate. You two seem so happy and well matched for each other!

Your pictures are beautiful and you look absoulutely stunning! A goddess bride!!!

Love the story today, thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks! My friend Jayn (who is mentioned on this blog frequently) made the bouquet and hair wreath and my friend Katherine performed the ceremony. She marries lots of people here in Floyd. Many are refered to her by the Floyd courthouse.

PS What, nobody's going to ask me what kind of shoes I'm wearing under the dress?

Enjoy your anniversary tomorrow :-) I love the pictures!

You looked sooooo pretty; I love Jayn's flowers in your hair, and the setting is so serene and beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, Colleen. May you have many, many more together.

wow, good thing i got time to check your blog today. Now i can rustle up some flowers or chocolate or poetry or something to remind you i love you 28 today.xoxoxo

ooh so what shoes were you wearing?? ;)

what lovely pictures of an incredibly beautiful day!

thank you for sharing that. and congratulations.
wonderful :)

Thanks for sharing the happiness. Love to you both.

Happy 10th Anniversary! And many, many more.

I remember that day like yesterday!!!
Happy First Decade together xoxooxoxox

Full moon is symbolic in our lives because my husband's mother said she was always thinking about us on the full moon. That is sort of special to us. Happy Anniversary and here's a toast to many more!

Happy anniversary!

It sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate each other. You've been together 19 years, 4 more than my Hub and I. You guys look so content and joyful in the pics.

Oh, Colleen...what a radiant, gorgeous, bride you were! LOVE the wreath of flowers in your hair, your dress and the setting...just gorgeous. How neat to have a blue moon...pure romance!
A VERY Happy Anniversary to you and Joe...and many more happy years together.
(Can't wait to meet you guys in October)

A very happy united union, to the both of you. What a gorgeous setting for such a lovely celebration.

P.S. I like to think you were wearing no shoes under the dress.

I agree with everyone...beautiful bride, love the wreath in your hair, he's looking at you like he looovves you. What a lucky pair you are. Annie Hall

I was wearing white high top granny boots! I might have gone barefoot but then my dress would have been too long!

Lovely Colleen.. And A VERY VERY Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! Have a grand day, my dear and many many more!

BTW: I am leaving off the Anonymous Commenter thingy...so if you want to come back and read and comment, you can...If I have to change that, I'll let you know...
Thank you for coming to the oarty and for helping to make this one of the most memorable birthdays I've ever had by your presence...! I thank you with all my heart, my dear.

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, and a blue moon to boot! Well doesn't that just figure? Is there anything about your life that isn't absolutely perfect? Having read you and gotten to "know" you a bit over the past year+ ... I can honestly say "no."

The granny boots? An adorable and very "Colleen" touch!

Thanks for sharing these pictures - and congrats on your first decade "tied."

Like Jen, I would have guessed you were wearing no shoes. Thank you for sharing your pictures-you both look beautiful.

Happy anniversary!

Congratulations! your pictures are wonderful. You had a machi drummer? such a special ceremony! happy anniversary and many, many more!

Several of my friends spent time in Chili studying with the Machi Shamans. For those of you who don't know the Machi Shamans are all women! The Floyd women who went have done quite a few "Machi Tuns" for people in our community, which are healings with drums, and hosted a Machi teacher here in Floyd at one point.

Happy anniversary! Those are some good photos!

Happy ten year anniversary! (Sorry Im a day late!)

Your ceremony sounds like it was beautiful, I especially love that you had a Native American flutist. Altogether it sounds like a magical event.

What a lovely, lovely wedding scene. Happy anniversary to you both.

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