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All Work and Play

Colleen at play.
Colleen at work.
Most Days I Can’t Tell the Difference.
The downside of Floyd country living here.
The upside of Floyd country living here.
Post Note: Area bloggers and would-be bloggers are meeting tomorrow, May 11th at 11 a.m., at the Café Del Sol. For more information, go here.


You are making me wish I lived there!

Kenju, Did you check out the downside of Floyd?

Soon I will take a photo of my desk and my sink full of dishes and see if you still want to come over!

What a great story that makes: Deer coming for coffee.

Do you KNOW everyone in Floyd?

Well, I've been here for 21 years and it's a small town. At one time there was a very close-knit alter-native community here, which still exists some but is much more spread out now.

Once, my mother was visiting and staying at the Pine Tavern in town. There happened to be a "Barter Faire" on the lawn the next morning where artists and crafters were selling and trading wares. She strolled through and got spooked because everyone she spoke with knew me! The people who owned and ran the Tavern were also friends.

Love the photos and the sentiment.

Wow, hope the doe was ok. You don't suppose she had little ones do you? That was probably an incredibly stupid question as I have no idea when mating season for deer is. Knock on wood... I've never had a run in with them while in my car, but I've known those who have.

There is a black bear menacing my super-urban environs. Last night he was spotted in the Oranges and was last seen being hunted by shotgun-wielding cops in Newark. I don't know what the incoming mayor has said about black bears, but he will now have to act on it. We'll see what he's made of. Then again, the minor league baseball team in town is the Newark Bears. OK,...now they have a mascot. Hope nobody shoots him.

Deer are really dumb. Beautiful, but dumb. Kind of like a rodent brain trapped in the body of something between a dog and a horse. I'd crash through doors too.

Amazing, we had a deer jump through a window into one of our Main Street stores just a few weeks ago. Maybe they are just running out of room.

Looks like fun work/play! I am a day behind in reading your blogs, but wanted to tell you...I wish you had told me you would be at the radio station! I live VERY close by!!!! The boys and I could have met you at Tanglewood or you could have come over to see all the dishes piled up in my sink!;)

The people who own the Pine Tavern now, live right down the street from me!

Oh...your pottying advice for the boys worked! Kris turned 4 on Sat. and is completely potty trained now!!! Thank you!!! xoxo

Maybe the deer are feeling an earthquake coming! We did have one last year or so. I felt it but talked myself out of it and later I heard that it was indeed one.

My husband tells me that deer don't see like we do either. You could be right nearby and they might not see you. They see but what looks out of place.

Tammy, I just took a photo of the dishes in my sink...for a future post! Glad the pottying training is over!

Your photos show alot of personality...I love the fancy pink and ankle bracelet! I wish I could meet with you guys but tomorrow is my only day actually AT HOME this week. And I am so looking forward to staying in.

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