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Ireland Loves Me

shamrock.jpg I’m so confident in my Irishness that I went out yesterday wearing purple and completely forgot to post an Irish related entry on my blog or tell an Irish joke to someone.

On the other hand…

The two posts before St. Patrick’s Day were related to Ireland, and I did go out to eat and hear Irish music with friends at Oddfella’s Cantina last night wearing a white and kelly green shamrock scarf around my neck, and speaking in my best Irish accent, which I learned I had while reading "Angela’s Ashes" out loud to my son.

Saint Kevin’s Monastery:
Glendalough, Ireland

Lime-green shamrock umbrellas
Ireland loves me
She loves me not
She loves me

I press them in journals
like a monk preserving archives
or twirl them like kilts
on giggling girls

In the name of the Mother
the Sun and the Holy Wells

Ireland is a green kite
let go by the fairies

Landed in the ocean
and anchored by rock

Post Notes:
I wrote the above poem in Ireland in 1997. The photo is of the shamrock displayed at my brothers' graves on St. Patrick’s Day (there is also a Red Sox World Series pennant there.) And this is a shout out to Deana, a fellow blogger, who I got to meet last night at the Cantina: Hi Deana!


Loved your poem. My daughter and son-in-law toured Ireland two summers ago and she wrote a limerick in Limerick. Michele sent me.

Michele sent me.

You have a wonderful writing ability! I went ahead and read some of the stories you wrote of Jim and Dan. Wonderful, truly.

Your poem is great. I am in Germany, and one of my wishes was to go to Ireland, but it won't happen, since we have to go back this year. But I'll live vicariously through the lives of others.

Thanks for sharing a bit of that with me!

I love the poem; I really hope I can get to Ireland some day. I fell in love with the scenery in the movie "Ryan's Daughter".

I wondered what you were going to do as an entry for St. Patty's day. Since you had 2 posts relating to your Irish heritage, I thought you were building up to something for the 17th.
At any rate, as always, a good post.

Btw, I see that Lazy Daisy has made a comment here. If you're still in the mood for "green" go over to
her place - the falling shamrocks are really neat and so too are her entries.
And then, if you're still in the mood, peek in at Carol's, A Revison.Tuesday's March 14th post asks the fun question; "what color green are you?"

Beautiful poem. I'm dying to go and visit Ireland myself. I,m originally from England but have some Irish in me from both sides. Michele sent me.

WOW....someone else who saw "Ryan's Daughter".....One of my favorite movies. xoxoxo
PS I meant to send a green message on the link and forgot too.

Lovely poem, Colleen. I love the shamrock on your brother's grave.

As for Ryan's Daughter, it is a gorgeous, sometimes harrowing, film. It's very long but worth the effort. I've been fortunate enough to walk along Inch Beach, where they filmed it, on a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago (my partner is Irish). It was wild, rugged, very very cold but incredibly beautiful.

Hi- here via Michele today. I too, am Irish...and I refuse to wear green on St. Patty's day. I'm of the opinion that I'm Irish 365 days a year, I don't need to advertise it on March 17. I enjoyed the poem!

And here I thought your Thirteen Thursday was your St. Patrick's Day post. Glad you had a good one.

I wear green on St. Patricks Day. Sometimes it is just a wee bit of green .. but there is always some, somewhere. Sometimes the fun is to find it.

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